Adele is accused of “cultural appropriation” for wearing a bikini with the Jamaican flag

Adele is accused of “cultural appropriation” for wearing a bikini with the Jamaican flag

The singer posted a photo on Instagram from her Beverly Hills mansion to sign up for the Notting Hill Carnival celebration from afar

Adele is accused of

Adele has provoked a storm of accusations of “cultural appropriation” for a photo published on Instagram in her Beverly Hills (USA) massion, with a bikini top with the Jamaican flag and an Afro hairstyle with Bantu knots, finished with yellow feathers. His intention was to sign up from afar to the celebration of the Notting Hill carnival in virtual version (the pandemic forced its suspension on the street), but in return it provoked the angry reaction of hundreds of trolls on both sides of the Atlantic.

“If 2020 could no longer be a weirder year, here we have Adele with her Bantu knots and a cultural appropriation that no one has asked of her,” wrote one user on Twitter. “This is a problem for all white women at the top of pop. I hate to see it .” Others called for “jail without bail” for the singer for the audacity , and there were those who demanded the express prohibition of the afro hairstyle for white artists.

The model Naomi Campbell nevertheless came out in defense of the 32-year-old singer. Campbell, of a Jamaican mother, responded to the image of Adele with two hearts and two black, green and yellow flags. The Jamaican singer Popcaan and actress Tessa Thompson also supported her on the networks.

“All this commotion completely ignores the spirit of the carnival as a masquerade,” Black and Labor MP David Lammy wrote on Twitter. “Adele was born and raised in Tottenham, and she knows what the story is about. Thank you Adele . Forgive your haters.” The also Labor MP Claudia Webber also defended the British singer for being faithful to the “irreverent spirit of carnival.”

Spurred on by the controversy, Adele herself went further a few hours later by spreading a few words in Jamaican slang during a streaming concert of the singers Brandy and Monica. “Wah Gwaan! Yow gyal, yuh look good enuh.” “Wah gwaan” is the local version of “Whats up” or “What's up” .

There were those who questioned the authenticity of the message, and there was also criticism of the Photoshop retouching of the original image, in which the change experienced by the singer during the pandemic can be seen in passing. The musical stoppage forced them to delay the release of their fourth studio album , initially scheduled for September 2020.

Recently, Adele had already been seen with an afro hairstyle in a tribute to Beyoncé on the occasion of the launch of Black is King. On that occasion, his new image did not provoke more than a sporadic comment.

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