Adela died and Miguel survived to suffer: tragedy took over the end of The Dragon | The Dragon Series

January 21, 2020 by archyde

Miguel faced a definitive battle that had a tragic end. After becoming one of the most powerful men in the world, The Dragon He ended up in deep sorrow. Here we tell you how the outcome of the most important series of modern television was.

Thanks to the worst enemy

Miguel took advantage of the imprisonment of Epigmenio to visit him. Being face to face with his enemy, he showed him the recording that caused a great tragedy in the past. Epigmenio could not deny that he had altered her by making Don Lambert believe that his own son had betrayed him.

Thus, the drug dealer rejoiced at causing the death of Miguel’s parents, who showed no sign of resentment. On the contrary, he thanked him for taking a weight off his family, because now he could rest by knowing that his grandfather and father were never enemies, and that they were simply victims of a hoax.

Prison escape

Epigmenio used all his power to regain freedom. Inside the bars he launched a plan to flee and end his eternal rival. To achieve this he hired a lawyer and two men who accompanied him on his dangerous goal.

After buying the wills of a judge and several police officers, the criminal jumped from a window to fall into a van fitted with mattresses. Once away from prison, he prepared a new attack on Miguel, but now he would use love to hurt him.

The final duel

After fleeing from prison, Epigmenio beat his wife to call Adela desperate for help. Upon learning of the emergency, Miguel’s girlfriend ran immediately to rescue her supposed friend. However, upon arriving at the agreed place, he discovered that everything was a trap.

With Adela in her claws, Epigmenio called Miguel to hurry to save her. The Dragon did not think twice and appeared to fight his archenemy. Melee showed that he was a warrior from head to toe. Epigmenio could not bend it and ended up dejected on the floor.

But it was all a hoax. The fugitive drug dealer took advantage of a carelessness of the samaurai, who tried to calm Adela by assuring him that everything would end, to fit a knife near his abdomen. Knowing that the police were on his heels, Epigmenio took Adela hostage and embarked on a new escape. Meanwhile, Miguel was torn between life and death.

One more tragedy

Miguel’s life was surrounded by death: his parents, his fiance Asya and his sister Chisca. Now Adela was the one who struggled to survive, because Epigmenio was driving a truck at full speed to lose the police chasing him. For its part, the financier recovered from the attack and placed himself in front of the steering wheel of a car to rescue the love of his life.

Unfortunately, everything would be stained with blood again. Seeing that Epigmenio was not going to give up, Adela decided to sacrifice herself. Despite being tied by the hands, he managed to hit the offender with his legs to destabilize him. After the blow, the truck ended up crashing.

That’s how Miguel again lost a love, but now with Adela, his dreams were also going through an abyss.

Lonely crying

Days later The Dragon resurfaced to face the loss. In addition, he had to look face to face with his teacher Tadamichi, who took his own life by confessing that he advised his grandfather to organize an attack on his father as revenge for the alleged betrayal.

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