Aday Benítez clarifies his words about the controversial match between Sporting de Gijón – Tenerife

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  • Aday Benítez insists that strange things happened in that game but that “it was investigated and it was approved”

Aday Benítez clarifies his words about the controversial match between Sporting de Gijón - Tenerife

AdayBenítez clarified the situation. his words in the program 'El Larguero' of the SER chain about the offers of bribes he had received, statements he had made the same day in 'El Bar' of SER Catalonia. Specifically, he spoke about his words. of the controversial match between Sporting de Gijón and Tenerife, the club in which he played, the last game of the 2013/2014 season. Sporting de Gijón was at stake to enter the 'playoffs' while Tenerife was not at stake. Sporting de Gijón won the prize. 3-1.

The current Girona player explained his decision. He said that the last game of the season was very strange, but he remarked that it was not. So it's already been investigated. that match and it was considered good: “I was comfortable talking to my friends on the show. The issue is that the match was investigated, when they investigate a match like that, well I was on the bench… It was an abnormal match, things happened It was weird, the goals were weird and one thinks because it's human. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, it's not that I'm saying it, it's that it was investigated, if nothing was found, then nothing. I explained the situation because it seemed funny to me, as it had been investigated and it was considered good…”, assured Mr. the footballer.

Calm down before the LaLiga complaint

LaLiga filed a complaint as a result of Aday Benítez's statements assuring that he received a complaint. an offer of 50,000 euros for letting them win in the season they were promoted to the First Division with Girona. Aday assured her. He said that it was absurd to accept the offer since they were going up to the First Division and it would stain the season: “We had just been promoted, I was going to play at the age of 29 in First Division, I was going to risk my career for 10, 20, 30, 50,000 thousand euros? It is unfeasible. One is educated and listens because when they 'get in' they seduce you”.< /p>

The former Girona player spoke about what he said. He commented on LaLiga's complaint as a result of these statements: “The truth has been a scare, I am calm because they will never find anything for me because I have never received anything. People can “He put his hand in the fire for me. It's a strong thing that in the end you remember. Before they gave you informative talks on this subject, but I didn't know about it.”