Actress Anne Heche has died

Actress Anne Heche has died

Anne Heche, a Hollywood actress who was injured in a brutal car accident in west Los Angeles last week, has died. Heche died at the Grossman Burn Center in north Los Angeles. The organs of the actress, at her request, will be donated for transplantation.

Actress Anne Heche died

Anne Heche

Heche was in a stable condition, but then fell into a coma. A few days later, doctors diagnosed the actress with brain death. After that, close actresses decided to disconnect her from life support systems.

The actress has two sons. The last film with her participation should be released next year. Heche managed to finish filming Frankie Meets Jack in mid-July.

The accident occurred on August 5, Heche drove into a residential building at a speed of up to 145 km/h, where the car caught fire. Police say Anne Heche had drugs in her body when the accident happened. Also, the car actress had alcohol.

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