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Actor Robert De Niro voiced Joe Biden's campaign video called “Snapped”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

Actor Robert De Niro voiced Joe Biden's campaign video called "Snapped" /></p>
<p> Actor Robert De Niro </p>
<p><strong>In the 30-second video, De Niro calls Donald Trump “out of control” and claims that the former US president will stop at nothing to get revenge.</strong> </p>
<p>Popular actor Robert De Niro voiced Joe Biden's campaign video called “Snapped”. This is reported by Time.</p>
<p>The winner of the “Oscar” award, the Hollywood actor is known for his speeches against the former president. He recently called Trump a fool on television.</p>
<p>The video begins with De Niro <strong>discussing Trump's candidacy </strong>for the presidency, citing various controversies. </p>
<p class=From midnight tweets to the use of bleach, tear gas to citizens and arranging a photo shoot, we knew that Trump was out of control as president, the actor notes.

This story is supplemented by photos of Trump during his presidency. Including his infamous photo with a Bible in front of the Church of the Presidents following the deployment of federal forces to quell protests following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent fight against racial injustice.

As the ad plays De Niro's final words, more images flash across the screen < strong>Trump supporters, including a crowd of Trump supporters confronting police and holding “Stop Theft” flags.

Trump wants revenge and he will stop at nothing ,” De Niro concludes in the video.

The final image is of Biden saluting United States troops. He says in a voiceover: “I'm Joe Biden and I approve of this message.”

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