Actor Alec Baldwin's Daughter Reveals How His Family Are Going Through Investigation

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Actor Alec Baldwin's daughter shares his family's investigation

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Hillary Baldwin, the daughter of actor Alec, told how her family is going through an investigation into the murder of Ukrainian Galina Gutchins. Baldwin is officially charged with manslaughter and faces up to 18 months in prison. The same fate applies and the gunsmith of the film "Rust" Anna Gutierrez Reid, who was responsible for firearms as props.

Hillary is known to work as a yoga instructor, and in her podcast Anonymous Witch" discussed the emotional pressure on loved ones and the support of society, writes PageSix.

"This has been an emotional time for my family and I want to express to you how grateful I am for your support and your kindness Honestly, I think without it we would fall down, I don't feel very strong",Hillary admitted.

However, another difficult period awaits the family – at the end of January, 64-year-old Baldwin will be officially charged with murder. However, Alec himself continues to assure that he is innocent of the death of a cameraman from Ukraine.

Even in the fall, it became known that Baldwin had reached an agreement with the Hutchins family.  Work on the film "Rust" will resume in 2023, and the husband of the deceased will become the executive producer of the film.

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