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Activists covered up the portrait of King Charles III: why did they do it?

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

Portrait of King Charles III was covered with a sticker/Getty Images

Activists Animal Rising covered with stickers the first official portrait of King Charles III after the coronation. In this way, they express a protest against the cruel treatment of animals on British farms.

The portrait, exhibited at the Philip Mold Gallery in London, was covered with a sticker with with an image of the character Wallace from the cartoon “Wallace and Gromit” and a sign calling attention to cruelty on farms approved by the RSPCA, writes Babel.

Activists say that King Charles is a fan cartoon, and hope to draw his attention to the problem. They call on the monarch to stop supporting organizations that do not ensure humane treatment of animals.

Post by Animal Rising

>The first official portrait of King Charles III, painted by artist Jonathan Yeo, was unveiled in May. The painting depicts the monarch with a sword and a butterfly on his shoulder, symbolizing metamorphosis and rebirth.

This the action was a response to the Animal Rising report, which claimed that 45 British farms with the RSPCA seal of quality mistreated animals.

Natasha Kumar

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