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Accused of sexual assault, Dominique Laroche will not escape his trial

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Dominique Laroche accompanied by his lawyer, Me Stéphanie Pelletier-Quirion. (Archive photo)

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Ex-freestyle skier Dominique Laroche, who is accused of sexual crimes, will have to stand trial.

Judge Marie-Claude Gilbert announced Friday that she will not pronounce the stay of proceedings requested by Laroche.

Her lawyer tried to convince the judges that the police did not respect his client's constitutional rights.

On the day of his arrest, investigators detained Laroche for more than 11 hours, despite his clear indication that he wanted to exercise his right to silence.

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Dominique Laroche, during his interrogation. (File photo)

When setting a trial date for Friday, Judge Gilbert decided not to drag out the suspense. p>

She announced that Laroche will not benefit from a stay of proceedings, and that his trial will take place from February.

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The judge will then indicate the reasons which led her to reject the request.

Dominique Laroche, 63, is accused of various crimes of a sexual nature against a complainant, when she was between 13 and 25 years old

More details to come.

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