'Accomplices of the narco-dictator Maduro': Iván Duque attacks those who support the dialogues in Venezuela

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The former president explained that several points must be taken into account for a successful negotiation process between the opposition and Chavismo, otherwise it will be a trap< /h2>

‘Accomplices of the narco-dictator Maduro’: Iván Duque attacks those who support the dialogues in Venezuela

Iván Duque criticizes the dialogues between the Venezuelan regime and the opposition. (Reuters)

Former President Iván Duque came forward, regarding the issue of negotiations between the Nicolás Maduro regime and the Venezuelan opposition, this, after the call for attention by various leaders in the region, including Gustavo Petro. For Duque, there is uncertainty about these dialogues, and I am also sending several recommendations to take into account.

In his trill, he left in between said the dialogues that are going to take place in Mexican territory, assuring that at the table they will sit, on the one hand, he called it Democratic Resistance and on the other the dictatorship, making direct reference to the criticized Nicolás Maduro Moros .

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Within his forceful message, Iván Duque explained that it was necessary to start with the release of the political prisoners in Venezuela. It should be noted that different leaders of that country have denounced constant retaliation and monitoring within the framework of their opposition campaign project.

He also highlighted the need to hold the presidential elections as soon as possible possible, emphasizing that they should be free. It is important to take into account that Nicolás Maduro has always been confident when asked about the issue, and has even said that he will leave calmly in the event of a possible defeat.

In the same way, he demanded that in the event of some type of electoral election, there must be international observation, to carry out a hard follow-up on this process. It is important to take into account that international oversight seeks to guarantee the transparency of the elections.

The blow to Nicolás Maduro could not be missing, since he forcefully expressed that the Venezuelan president could not be a candidate again. Of course, this could not generate major problems for Chavismo, since the list of candidates would be extensive, even in the case of Diosdado Cabello.

Categorizing it as a trap, he pointed out that the The dialogues would be a trap if certain vital minimums are not met in the democratic context, he also stressed that those who support the dialogue would fall into this deception, assuring that they are accomplices and naive in the face of the maneuvers carried out by Nicolás Maduro, in addition, Duque pointed out that he was a drug trafficker and dictator.

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This is what Iván Duque said:

Such “Dialogues in Mexico” between the Dictatorship and the Democratic Resistance should focus on:

1. Immediate release of political prisoners

2. Free Presidential Elections Now!

3. Guarantees and strict international observation

4. The Dictator cannot be a candidate

5. Reconstruction plan for Venezuela. Without these elements, such “dialogues” will be another trap of the Narco Dictator Maduro with the complicity and ingenuity of others.

‘Accomplices of the narco-dictator Maduro’: Ivñuque attacks those who support the talks in Venezuela

Ivña Duque criticizes the talks in Mexico.

It is important to note that one of the main leaders of the resumption of these dialogues is President Gustavo Petro, who made known several fundamental points for a harmonious process.

“At the table where the French, Norwegian, Argentinean, Venezuelan governments and the Venezuelan opposition intervene to revitalize the table of Mexico and the Venezuelan political agreement, I proposed unblocking and general amnesty and a coexistence pact for the elections and after them”, quoted the national president.

These types of situations have been repetitive, and although former President Duque has not been emphatic in attacking Gustavo Petro, but the satires have been evident from time to time.