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Access of children of applicants asylum to CPE maintained

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Quebec has welcomed tens of thousands of asylum seekers in recent years. (Archive photo)


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The Court of Appeal on Thursday refused a request for a stay made by the Quebec government and confirmed that the children of asylum seekers will be able to access early childhood centers (CPE) and subsidized daycares while waiting for the Supreme Court rules on this matter.

Quebec indicated last month that it was contesting the decision rendered on February 7 by the Court of Appeal which deemed “discriminatory” the fact of preventing the children of asylum seekers with a work permit to attend subsidized childcare services.

The Legault government had at the same time announced its intention to ask the highest court in the country to decide the question.

While waiting for the Supreme Court to rule, asylum seekers can therefore contact the one-stop shop for access to educational childcare services, Place 0-5. Under a directive sent to the network last month, they must provide a copy of their work permit issued under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act when a subsidized place is available.< /p>

The office of Quebec Minister of Families, Suzanne Roy, confirmed having read Thursday's judgment. We are obviously disappointed and our intentions remain. We are taking the case to the Supreme Court. We will not make any further comments at this time, the firm said in a written statement.

In its decision of February 7, the Court of #x27;appeal considered that Quebec's decision contravened section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms because it prevented women from accessing the job market.

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A directive formulated in April 2018 by the liberal government of Philippe Couillard and maintained by the CAQ government of François Legault, according to which reduced-contribution daycare places should not be accessible to asylum seekers, is at stake. ;origin of all this debate.

Québec justifies its position based on article 3 of the Regulation on the reduced contribution of the Act educational childcare services, according to which CPEs and subsidized daycares are reserved for people who are in Quebec mainly to work.

A mother from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bijou Cibuabua Kanyinda, supported by the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights, challenged the government directive. She won her case in a first decision rendered by the Superior Court of Quebec in May 2022.

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