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September 13, 2021 by archyde
Former Minister Karen Abudinen, during the motion of censure against her on September 3 in the House of Representatives in Bogotá (Colombia).Carlos Ortega / EFE

Karen Abudinen She probably dreamed at some point of marking an epoch in Colombian politics as Minister of Information Technologies and Telecommunications of the Government of Ivan Duque. What he did not imagine is that his surname would become a linguistic nightmare thanks to the retardation and the reflexes of speech in his country. His ministry awarded the company Unión Temporal Centros Poblados $ 260 million to bring internet to rural areas. The company received an advance of 19 million of which there is no trace. Abudinen resigned last week, but two verbs that refer to his surname are already circulating on the networks, in the media and on the street: abudine O abudinear. And what is more painful for her, the meaning that is applied as a synonym: stealing or cheating.

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This was shown by a record of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in a tweet with the stamp of the institution. On September 1, the language consultation service of the house received a question regarding the term through a message. The department of Español al Día indicated that the presence in social networks of these recently created derivatives was documented from the surname of a Colombian politician. But from the RAE itself they indicate: “Documenting a term simply means finding examples of use that allow us to elucidate its use and locate it in a place, a moment, an area of ​​society, a part of the lexicon or a register or level of language concrete. With the information provided by the documentation of use, an explanation can generally be given to the consultants who wonder about the meaning and form of these neological creations ”.

From there to that they settle or enter the dictionary there is a stretch. Long. And not necessarily fruitful. Many terms that emerged in the heat of conflicts or passing contexts are diluted. “A very different matter is that these analyzed voices settle in the language and, even more, that they are incorporated into academic repertoires, since, in general, they are voices of ephemeral and circumstantial use, quickly forgotten by the speakers and with there is little chance that its use will be consolidated, “say sources from the institution through its communication department to questions from EL PAÍS. “Therefore, documenting the use of a term does not imply that the Royal Spanish Academy has recognized, much less included in the academic dictionary, the terms abudine O abudinear. In other words, it does not imply its official recognition by the institution ”.

This clarification will undoubtedly have calmed the spirits of Karen Abudinen and even Duque, as President of the Republic. After months with the streets on fire due to social unrest, the only thing missing for the Colombian Government was that another enemy, no less critical, emerged: language. It is true that almost nothing would have transpired if the minister had not focused the focus on her drama when protesting. Abudinen asked the Royal Academy that his last name not be used to describe certain actions or as a synonym for stealing and cheating, as the message included. They have even asked for explanations from the Colombian Embassy in Madrid, as confirmed by the Academy. The minister announced it in a tweet: “I have asked @RAEinforma to speak out publicly and deny what is stated in networks and in some Colombian media. My last name and that of no human being can be used to demean him, that is a crime ”.

However, the outrage has not served to stop him from taking his political career forward, despite being one of Duque’s strong bets. Karen Abudinen was sponsored by one of the most influential political families in Colombia, the Char. Media Barranquilla is yours. The former minister was a personal friend of the president and arrived in Bogotá, the capital, with the intention of taking over the world. His name was finally going to resonate in the center of power, where the great decisions of the nation are made. But not that way …

The company to which it awarded the rural internet plan presented false bank guarantees. Those who reviewed the contract advised the minister not to go ahead with the tender, but the company still received an advance of 19 million. No one has ever seen that money again. The politician presented his resignation in the middle of a key game of the Colombian soccer team, hoping that it would go unnoticed. Too late. Popular speech is not so easily distracted. Duque has tried to keep her in office at all costs, but the president must have been alarmed by the events.

Daniel Samper, Writer and member of the Colombian Academy of Language, he knows how quickly they combine in his country. It has happened to other politicians, but with more benign meanings: “In 1983 President Belisario Betancur delivered a famous speech at the UN that The New York Times posted on its front page. In it he spoke in a moving way about the poverty of his family origins, his eight or nine siblings and the needs that he went through during his childhood. As a result of that celebrated speech, to whom in a meeting he came to speak of a childhood of poverty, the others around him scolded him: ‘Stop belisarear”Says Samper.

As to abudine, the thing has happened to majors because until verses are created already, as it happens with Luis de la Vaina, habitual satirical poet of the portal The Danieles, who has constructed some verses with this final stanza: “Abudinar, of course, / does not mean steal, / much less cheat / from an important position. / From now on I am ready, / even if I pass for a lizard / —no insult I discard—, / to prove that abudinar, / besides apudinar, / is to do the distribution well ”.

And the verb, in addition, already has its reverse in the networks. As someone suggested to whom it may concern, you can also concentrate on the act of debunking or debunking, the meaning of which is none other than the following: return the money.

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