Abramovich's donations to restore Ukraine and Andriy Shevchenko will help bring Russian football back to European tournaments, – Russian journalists

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Abramovich's donations to restore Ukraine and Andriy Shevchenko will help bring Russian football back to European tournaments - Russian journalists

Russian football teams intend to return to UEFA international tournaments with the help of Roman Abramovich and Andrey Shevchenko. And Russia would like to see the latter as president of the Ukrainian Football Association. Russian sports media openly report this. 

Thus, the portal Sovsport.ru claims that Ukraine and Poland are the main opponents of the return of the RFU to European football. And the current president of the UAF, Andrei Pavelko, managed to block the participation of Russian football teams in European football tournaments. That is why, in the Russian Federation, they would like Pavelko to be replaced by the former Ukrainian football player Andriy Shevchenko as the head of the Ukrainian football association.

“For the RFU, it is beneficial that Andrey Shevchenko, who has a less aggressive position towards Russia, as the president of the UAF from Ukraine, goes to Portugal, thanks to a common business in Russia with Roman Abramovich,” the Russians admit. 

Shevchenko they call him loyal to Russia because of the forest ties with the oligarchs Roman Abramovich and the Surkis brothers. 

«The Shevchenko couple has repeatedly vacationed on a businessman's (Abramovich's) yacht in the Caribbean – Barbados, Martinique, St. Bartholomew . And Andrei himself was repeatedly present in the VIP box with Roman Abramovich at the matches of the Chelsea club.

Being a member of the oligarch's family in 2015 allowed Shevchenko to become Roman Arkadievich's partner in the gold mining company Highland Gold Mining Limited.

In the spring of 2022, when the European bureaucrats included the disgraced oligarch on the sanctions lists, Andriy Shevchenko, along with the director Alexander Rodnyansky, through their connections in the office of the President of Ukraine, attracted Abramovich to participate in the exchange of prisoners and establish a dialogue between the two countries in order to increase his status and reduce the sanctions pressure on the businessman.

…Despite the “theatrical aplomb” ostentatious patriotism, Shevchenko was always loyal to Russia and was not seen in sweeping Russophobia. Grigory Surkis, Viktor Medvedchuk, Viktor Yanukovych are not the last people with pro-Russian views in the life of the former head coach of the Ukrainian national team,” the newspaper notes. in relation to the RFU in international football organizations. 

“In order to start the return of the RFU to UEFA, Andriy Shevchenko needs to head the Ukrainian House of Football and soften the tone of the Ukrainian side in relation to the RFU. Further, in Nyon and Zurich, the anti-Russian conspirators will be more accommodating,” the Russians plan.

In addition, according to the Russian press, Abramovich’s donation of 2.3 billion pounds should play a positive role in lobbying the interests of the RFU in the European arena to help Ukraine. 

“The amount of 2.3 billion pounds from the sale of Chelsea, which will go through a special fund to help the victims of the conflict in Ukraine, should play a positive role in the factor of Abramovich’s participation, both in the negotiation process and lobbying the interests of the RFU in the European arena.

If Abramovich with Shevchenko, Hiddink, Koloskov, the Surkis brothers, German Tkachenko and company do not resolve the issue of returning to the eurozone, then the RFU will change the route and start a trip to the Asian Confederation,” writes Sovsport.ru.< /p>

Recall that according to the American edition of Bloomberg, Andriy Shevchenko is a long-term business partner of Roman Abramovich. Sheva was personally involved in the commercial structures of the Russian billionaire even after a full-scale invasion began in Ukraine.  

We also recall that Abramovich announced plans to transfer £2.3 billion from sales of Chelsea FC. But now the EU should encourage this initiative of his, which has imposed personal economic sanctions against the oligarch. 

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