Abramovich and Vyazmikin from the “Monaco battalion” cash in on Ukrainian excisable alcohol and tobacco

Abramovich and Vyazmikin from the “Monaco battalion” cash in on Ukrainian excisable alcohol and tobacco

Abramovich and Vyazmikin from the Monaco Battalion cash in on Ukrainian excise alcohol and tobacco

Igor Abramovich and Sergei Vyazmikin, who fled from Ukraine on the eve of a full-scale invasion of Russia from Monaco, cover the extortions from Ukrainian manufacturers of excisable goods — alcohol, vodka and tobacco. This was reported by Antikor.ua.

Abramovich — People's Deputy from the banned pro-Russian party Opposition Platform for Life. Vyazmikin — former acting Head of the Department for the Protection of the Economy of the National Police, a native of the now occupied Nova Kakhovka. Recently, UP journalists filmed them both jogging in Nice, on the azure coast of France.

According to the publication, the scheme was organized by Abramovich and Igor Kupranets, the former deputy head of the NPU under Interior Minister Avakov. Vyazmikin — his confidant. Before the start of the war, they “promised the people of the OP a tidy dollar income.” Acting head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Tatyana Kiriyenko was involved in the scheme. “The reason for the requisitions is drawn up by the head of the department for control over excisable goods of the State Fiscal Service Alexander Yarmolenko, writing out violations to manufacturers on paper. Those who do not agree to pay are covered for production”, — writes Antikor.ua.

After the flight of Abramovich and Vyazmikin to the south of France, the scheme continued to exist. In their absence, extortions from the producers of alcohol, vodka and tobacco are collected by former NPU employees Ruslan Marchuk and Yevhen Koval. Control from the side of the State Fiscal Service is carried out by Acting Deputy Head of the Service Yevgeny Sokur.

“Presumptuous schemers are also robbing American investors who produce tobacco products in the village of Goshcha, Rivne region. Apparently, this is how they thank our partners from the United States for helping to de-occupy their hometowns by supplying modern weapons. Judging by the appetites of the gang, if the extortion is not stopped, Ukraine will lose control over excisable goods. And the proceeds from the sale of alcohol and tobacco will move into the pockets of the Monegasque refugees”, — says in the material.