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About PTSD and mental health: O.Torvald released the album “Fatigue”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

About PTSD and mental health: O.Torvald released the album "Tiredness"


Ukrainian rock band O.Torvald presented a new album “Votoma” about PTSD, nostalgia for the past and “pain of the present”. It consists of 10 tracks.

The band's new album is particularly relevant for modern society. After all, because of the war, many people live in a constant state of depression. And some people face PTSD.

In January 2024, the band members moved to a private house, where they began working on new material. During that period, O.Torvald wrote 16 tracks, 10 of which were included in the album “Votoma”.

In the album you will not hear speculative tracks on the war, manifestos and artificial patriotism. Only we are six people, what we have become in the last 704 days, – noted O.Torvald in the band.

The track “I am sick” Zhenya Halych wrote during the treatment of clinical depression, PTSD and anxiety disorder.

A song about help, the desire to heal and worries. I tried to tell about my experience that each of us needs help, and if it is not physical treatment, then mental treatment is very, very much needed by everyone now, – comments Halych.

  • Track “In the windows” is about loneliness and childhood memories. Now the windows are usually boarded up or boarded up and “have a completely different meaning.”
  • “Tiredness” is a song about a wounded soldier who dreams of getting home again.
  • The track “No dreams” about what the Russians want to deprive Ukrainians of, as well as about dreams for a better future.
  • The song “Consciousness” sings about de-occupied cities and people who protect the country.
  • Halych calls the track “Amsterdam” “the lightest and most positive track of the album”. In particular, it is about faith, summer twilight and nostalgia.

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“Tiredness” is an album that reflects the personal experiences and experiences of the band members. In it, they talk about what lived inside them for 704 days of a full-scale invasion. However, according to O.Torvald, they did not even share these emotions with each other. “Fatigue” is about the experience of treatment for post-traumatic syndrome, and nostalgia for the past, and the pain of the present.

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