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September 14, 2021 by archyde

The death of the terrorist Abimael guzman it has shown the lack of convictions of the current Peruvian authorities. Except for the Minister of Justice, neither the president nor the prosecutor of the Nation expressed their opinion about what should happen with his remains.

The last word will be the Callao prosecutor, Julio García Romero, who must act with the dignity and memory of the victims of the bloody senderista leader in mind.

However, this is not the first time that the world observes what will be done with the body of an undesirable, a criminal who ordered the worst massacres that have been registered in republican Peru with total intention. In this context it is convenient to review. What happened to the corpses of terrorists and genociders like Pablo Escobar, Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Al Gaddafi?

SIGHT: Aníbal Torres suggests “the cremation of the remains of Abimael Guzmán”

Pablo Escobar

The dangerous Colombian drug trafficker Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria made his fortune at the tip of cocaine by creating and heading the Medellín cartel, with which he began a bloody war against the Colombian state, collaborating in the armed conflict that struck that country between 1980 and 1990 .

He was accused of being responsible for 623 terrorist attacks in Colombia, of planting more than 200 bombs between 1989 and 1993, of murdering some 6,000 people in the name of the Medellín cartel, among Colombian civilians, politicians, police, and journalists.

His reign of terror and drug trafficking came to an end on December 2, 1993 when he was shot through the head, on the roof of a house in the Los Olivos neighborhood, in Medellín, and ended his life and, with it, a of the most violent stages in the history of Colombia. Despite everything he did, as awarded by the government of César Gaviria, Pablo Escobar did have a funeral. The event was messy, contentious, and crowded. More than 20 thousand people attended. Since then, Escobar’s remains lie in the Jardines de Montesacro cemetery, where he is visited by followers, tourists, and onlookers for the humiliation of his victims.

Osama Bin Laden

Bin Laden was one of the fiercest terrorists of recent times and the leader of the Al Qaeda group, responsible for no less than 20 criminal attacks that took place around the world between 1993 and 2020.

Osama Bin Laden was the mastermind of the tragic September 11, where four planes boarded with suicide bombers from Al Qaeda, crashed full of passengers in different places in the United States. Two in the World Trade Center buildings, better known as the Twin Towers, one in the Pentagon and a last plane that failed to reach its destination, but crashed, killing the entire crew. Only in this attack there were three thousand dead, about six thousand wounded and countless disappeared. From Kenya to the United Kingdom they suffered similar attacks.

On May 1, 2011, Operation Gerónimo was launched; the CIA and the US Naval Special Warfare development group entered the shelter where Bin Laden had been hiding in Pakistan since 2003; two shots, one to the left eye and the other to the chest, killed the criminal. His body was thrown into the sea to prevent him from becoming a martyr; Furthermore, no third country wanted to bury the dead body of the bloody terrorist.

Muammar Al Gadafi

Colonel Muammar Al Gaddafi prevailed in the Libyan government at the age of 27, promoted and supported terrorism in the Middle East. Gaddafi was a genocidal, dictator and sexual predator.

It financed the bloodiest Palestinian factions, openly supported the IRA, the FARC, and even ETA; for this reason in 1980 it was known as the main economic supporter of world terrorism. He tortured Islamist militants, murdered and abandoned immigrants from different nearby countries in the middle of the Sahara. But perhaps the worst thing about Gaddafi was not his insanity, but his depraved sexual appetite: he constantly abused girls from orphanages, kidnapped them and held them in captivity to use them whenever he wanted.

Muammar died in 2011, from two shots in a crossfire; no further details are known. His body was dragged and displayed in the streets of Misrata. Then he was thrown into the middle of the desert.

The deaths of the Führer

Adolf Hitler murdered so many people in the war that he himself started that a special word had to be created to describe his terrible actions: genocidal.

His intention was to exterminate the Jews, but before he had tried the same with the gypsies and those he did not consider to be of the Aryan race. Hitler and his retinue of cold-blooded assassins, known as Nazis, left 60 million dead throughout Europe. Tortures, experiments on humans, people burned alive, executions and thousands of other different ways of murder were attributed to this former president of Germany known as the Führer.

His cowardly actions led to his death on May 1, 1945. He committed suicide alongside Eva Braun in the bunker of the Third Reich Chancellery in Berlin. His remains were burned at the door of the shelter where he was killed and today this is just any parking lot.



María Elena Moyano, mother of courage, left leader dynamited and pulverized by the Shining Path in 1992.

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