Abelardo leaves Alaves

Abelardo leaves Alaves

Abelardo, this past Sunday during the match between Alavés and Celta in Mendizarroza.L. Rico

Abelardo leaves Alaves

Lucas Pérez is not 'rich' for Abelardo

The Alavés bench is the electric chair. The Vitoria team will look for a miracle from the bottom of the table after Abelardo Fernández (50 years old) announced his departure from the club: "When one is not the solution, it is part of the problem," he says in his farewell letter. At first, the official club note, written in an ambiguous way, implied that Abelardo had been fired, but it was the coach who decided to resign. "I think the best thing is to give way to another coach on the Alavés bench." Pablo Machín resisted 18 days; Abelardo Fernández (Gijón, 50 years old) only 11, and neither of them was able to straighten out a team that started the season crooked, with a slimmer squad. The club announced the dismissal of Abelardo after the defeat in Mendizorroza against Celta (1-3). During the game, the coach's gestures of helplessness in the face of repeated mistakes by his players were evident. “We could look to blame for everything that is happening,” says Abelardo in his farewell note, “but right now, that would only muddy the team's path, and I don't want that to happen, nor is it my style. I prefer to look for solutions and this is the only one that is in my power. ”

Josean Querejeta, the strong man of the club, will have to hire a magician to pull the rabbit out of the hat, and in fact, the board of directors will meet today with Madrid's Javier Calleja, former Villarreal coach, with a style totally different from Abelardo

Alavés is last, with 23 points, the same as Eibar, only three from salvation, but with a very worrying trajectory, with only one draw and four defeats in the last five games, and a rather rarefied atmosphere, especially after Abelardo's decision to remove Lucas Pérez from the team, one of the best of the previous season, whom he accused of lack of involvement. It remains to be seen if the new coach brings the Galician footballer into the fold.

Alavés fell this Sunday against Celta, after conceding three goals in just half an hour into the first half. The Vitorian team gave a very poor feeling and Abelardo, sunk on the bench, seemed powerless when it came to solving the problem.

The Asturian coach had managed three seasons ago to straighten the course of Alavés, who had dismissed two technicians – Zubeldia and Hair– in 13 days. Abelardo improved the performance of the team and in the following season he more than met the objectives. Even so, the discrepancies with Josean Querejeta distanced him from the club.

Last season Espanyol hired him as a lifeguard, precisely to replace Machín, like this year at Alavés, but he also left the bench early. He leaves with only one victory and two draws in eleven games: five points, and only one of the last 21 that take him away from salvation. In addition, Alavés has conceded 21 goals in that period. Abelardo assured upon arrival that he was no savior, and after the defeat against Celta he put his position at the club's disposal: "My numbers are there, they are a reality." Afterwards, he himself has stepped aside.

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