Abelardo De la Espriella celebrated Uribe's victory against 'Matarife' to rum: “No one will remember the haters of the president”

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The legal representative of the head of the Democratic Center revealed that the legal battle against the creator of the series lasted three years and gave details of how he achieved it

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Abelardo De la Espriella celebrated Uribe's victory against ‘Matarife’

Abelardo de la Espriella toasted, with rum in hand, for the ruling against Matarife's creator: “His honor has been restored, former President Uribe.” Photos: Colprensa

The well-known -and highly controversial- lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella was the 'brain' behind the judicial victory, before the Constitutional Court, < /b>of Álvaro Uribe against Daniel Mendoza, the journalist and lawyer who created the series 'Matarife' -where he portrays the former president as a genocide-. The litigant, as expected, did not hesitate to react.

In a peculiar video that he shared on his social networks, De la Espriella was shown with a bottle of rum and He even toasted the victory, in two instances, which was also obtained by the natural head of the Democratic Center. The Court ordered Mendoza to retract the serious accusations that he made against Uribe in his controversial docuseries, which even led him to win two India Catalina Awards, in 2021.

De la Espriella, who has been a judicial defender of several political personalities in the country, assured that the high court ruled in favor of the also former senator Uribe and, once again, he attacked the production, which premiered in the middle of the pandemic, has two seasons and went viral on social networks.

Abelardo De la Espriella celebrated Uribe's victory against ‘Matarife’

Alvaro Uribe and Daniel Mendoza. Images taken from Colprensa

“The Constitutional Court, unanimously and definitively, has put an end to the controversy that a sadly famous individual, under the auspices of Matarife, intended to vilify and sully< /i> the good name, dignity and honor of former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez”, said the lawyer.

In other parts of his statement, De la Espriella referred to freedom of expression and assured that no one should hide behind it to affect someone's reputation, in this case the investigated former president, who now continues with a process against him for fraud. procedural and witness manipulation.

“At good time a false attention to rights was defended in the highest court of our country. Freedom of the press and of expression cannot be used to camouflage hate, resentment and radical political activism in the digital world. No one can hide behind the supposed impunity of cyberspace to sully the good name and honor of any citizen,” added the Cordovan jurist.

Abelardo De la Espriella celebrated Uribe's victory against “Matarife’

Abelardo de la Espriella, controversial lawyer.

He even assured that neither Daniel Mendoza nor anyone else has the power to “usurp the place of judges to issue media condemnations that ignore guarantees and destroy reputations.” In addition, he described the decision of the Constitutional Court as “historic” and, in his opinion, said that it was a “judicial course” in the history of the nation.

< p class="paragraph">“This ruling is historic because it marks an unprecedented jurisprudential course in the history of Colombia. The important thing, in any case,it is not the defeat of Daniel Mendoza or the triumph of former president Álvaro Uribe, what is really fundamental is that justice won, which constitutes the duty of the law”, stated the controversial lawyer, who has represented the person who ruled Colombia between 2002 and 2010 in various legal battles.

Abelardo de la Espriella held a ruling against the creator of Matarife in favor of Uribe

In his video, where he took several shots of rumto celebrate his judicial aid to Uribe, he also highlighted the former president's supposed delegate and assured that his name had been cleared of the accusations against him.

“In your honor, ex-president , his good name has been restored. Justice and history vindicate him. The rights of the press are intact and the digital world remains, as it should be, subject to the law. I have something very clear, in a few years no one will remember the haters of President Uribe, while the honorable legacy of the great Colombian and the just pronouncement of the Constitutional Court will remain indelibly inscribed in memory forever of the homeland,” he said.

In the final sections of his particular video, he recounted how long this battle lasted and ended with a single toast. “I can't help the urge to toast with a “defender rum”. This was an epic defense of almost three years. Cheers, for justice, ” he concluded he.