Aaron Sorkin: “There is nothing more American than protesting”

Aaron Sorkin: “There is nothing more American than protesting”

The creator of 'The West Wing of the White House' and director 'The Trial of the Chicago Seven', a film due to be released on Netflix, took advantage of his virtual visit to the Festival to protest against Trump

Aaron Sorkin:

When Donald Trump won the election, Aaron Sorkin , a convinced Democrat and brilliant creator of the very presidential series The West Wing of the White House, wrote an open letter to his wife and daughter calling the president-elect a “pig”, among other niceties. . And “pig” was precisely the most used insult against politicians and law enforcement agencies in the harshly repressed demonstrations that, in 1968, followed the assassination of Robert Kennedy and preceded the victory of Richard Nixon . For those protests, countercultural leaders such as the yippies Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin , played by Sacha Baron Cohen and Jeremy Strong , sat on the bench in 'The Trial of the Chicago Seven', a film written and directed by Sorkin, which hits Netflix on next October 16, on the eve of the November elections.

In the virtual meeting between Sorkin and the journalist Elisabet Cabeza , organized by the San Sebastian contest, the Oscar-winning scriptwriter of 'La red social' (David Fincher, 2010), was somewhat more restrained, but it did not take two minutes to charge against the current president: “he won the elections talking about making America great again, evoking bucolic times in which there was not so much restlessness, nor so much rap music. A white America that in reality is nothing more than an illusion that Hollywood created for people like him, which is ironic because his voters think that movie people are just perverted liberals. “

The project about the so-called Chicago Seven dates back 14 years, when Steven Spielberg was thinking of directing it and commissioned Sorkin to write the script. It was delayed, but it took a new flight precisely “when Trump was elected, and he began to speak with nostalgia of a time when demonstrations were repressed with violence. It is clear that the film is very relevant at this time, because it speaks of racism and police violence. But in all these years I did not change the script. It has been reality, with the death of George Floyd and the subsequent riots, that has come to meet us. Protesting is necessary. There is nothing more American than protesting “.

“Right now, in America, it is impossible not to be angry,” he continued. “The saying that fiction holds more truth than reality was never more true than it is now. We have a faction that respects the facts, and another that just makes them up. We are waiting for someone to come and save us.” The creator of series like 'The Newsroom', famous for his dialogues as fast as they are witty , shot by characters who usually walk through the corridors of power, explained that “in American fiction, politicians and the powerful are usually Machiavellian characters. I prefer imagine them as heroes, people who do what they have to do, risking and putting their status quo at risk. ” In that ideal world, “Trump would lose the elections, he would protest saying that the Democrats have rigged them, and in the end it would be the Republicans themselves who would invite him to leave, saying: You cannot lead the country into a civil war. It would be an end in him. that everyone does what they have to do, except Trump, because he is irredeemable. It is the rest of us who can still do things well. “

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