A69 motorway: Opponent Thomas Brail came down from his tree for a (sterile) meeting with Clément Beaune

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Hello old branch The Minister of Transport received this Tuesday afternoon Thomas Brail, perched in front of his ministry to protest against the construction site of the A69 motorway between Toulouse and Castres

A69 motorway: Opponent Thomas Brail came down from his tree for a (sterile) meeting with Clément Beaune

Activist Thomas Brail, president of the National Tree Watch Group (GNSA), is on his 19th day on hunger strike. — Xavier Francolon

Clélement Beaune succeeded in to bring Thomas Brail down from his tree, but only for the duration of an interview, a priori inconclusive. The entourage of the Minister of Transport indicates that he received this Tuesday afternoon the tenacious opponent of the construction of the A69 motorway between Castres and Toulouse, perched above on a tree in front of the ministry since last week and on hunger strike since September 1.

According to the environmental activist, the authorities remain inflexible in the face of opponents' demands, in the name of defending the environment. “I’have reiterated that At the request of the La Voie Est Libre (LVEL) collective, we are calling for the suspension of work until the appeals on the merits have been judged. The minister remains camped on its positions. Nothing is moving, but we remain hopeful,” he confided. à AFP, at the outcome of the meeting.

A possible meeting on Thursday

A new meeting between opponents and public authorities is scheduled for Thursday afternoon at Toulouse, in the presence of the prefect and Carole Delga (PS) the president of the Occitanie region. Environmental defenders, however, impose the condition of suspension of the construction site in order to get there. And several of them have also started their careers. a hunger strike in the Pink City, perched in front of the regional hotel. They denounce a “cocide and archaic” project.

Various appeals have been made. filed against the A69. If none were successful, none were successful either. judged basically. Opponents are now counting on a request to the administrative court of Toulouse and an appeal filed against them. in August with the Council of State to obtain the suspension of the construction site.

« The A69 is a project initiated long-standing and strongly supported by local elected officials, all political colors combined, argues Clément Beaune's entourage who also highlights the support of local populations.