A young Dutchman searches for his biological family in the Ecuadorian Andes

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His biological mother abandoned him in a hospital when he was a newborn

A young dutchman-looks for his biological family ;gica in the Ecuadorian Andes


Yalilé LoaizaFrom Quito

A young Dutch man looks for his biological family in the Ecuadorian Andes

David Alejandro Van Dijk was born in Ecuador and was adopted by a Dutch couple. Now he is looking for his biological family (La Prensa Riobamba)

David Alejandro Van Dijk, 22, came from the Netherlands to Ecuador in search of his biological family, who would be from Riobamba, 200 kilometers from Quito. But it is not the first time that David Alejandro She visits the country because in 2014 and 2019 she arrived first on a tourist trip with her adoptive parents and then to attend a volunteer program. But this time he came back to meet his biological family and the reasons why his mother abandoned him at the Riobamba Teaching Hospital immediately after he was born.

According to Puruwa Tv, an open television channel in the province of Chimborazo, where the city of Riobamba is located, David lives in the Dutch province of Drenthe, an area of ​​492,000 inhabitants whose capital is the city of Assen.

The young man began the search four years ago, although he had to stop due to the pandemic. Now, once again, he waits for more information from the family or friends of his birth parents. He assures that he is looking for his family with the intention of meeting them and that he does not hold any grudges : “I have no resentment because I want a very happy encounter with them and that is the most important thing for me. I am going to ask them how they are, what they do and how their life has been. That is what I am going to tell my family when I go to see them.”

David Alejandro was born on April 18, 2000 and on June 17, 2002 he was adopted by a Dutch couple which led him to live in the Netherlands. According to the information he knows, his biological mother, who was then 28 years old, fled, leaving him alone in the hospital room after giving birth.

A young Dutch man searches for his biological family in the Ecuadorian Andes

David Alejandro Van Dijk was abandoned when he was only one day old (Al Día Riobamba)

The young Dutchman says that his adoptive parents instilled in him respect and love for Ecuadorian culture, encouraging him to learn Spanish, according to El Comercio. When he was 14 years old, his adoptive parents planned a trip to Ecuador. Some time later, David Alejandro returned to volunteer in Quito.

The young man insists that after making his first trip to Ecuador he has been more concerned about meeting the biological family of the. But it was not until after his second trip that he decided to make a third visit to return to Ecuador and start looking for his biological family.

His research led him to find personal information such as the name of his biological mother: her name is María Quishpe Guamán, today she would be 50 years old, she would be a native of the San Luis Parish and would live in the El Troje neighborhood; and that the husband of her biological mother is called Pedro Paguay, and the name of the contact registered in the hospital would be that of a neighbor named María Pilataxi .

San Luis is one of the rural parishes in the municipality of Riobamba, which is the capital of the province of Chimborazo. According to the Integrated System of Social Indicators of Ecuador, in San Luis the poverty rate due to unsatisfied basic needs is 71% of the total parish population, and the extreme poverty rate is 32 percent . San Luis is located 7 kilometers from Riobamba, a city of 260,000 inhabitants.

A young Dutchman looks for his biological family in the Ecuadorian Andes

David Alejandro's biological mother would be a native of the San Luis de Riobamba parish, 200 kilometers from Quito (Riobamba Tourism)

Chimborazo is the third poorest province in the country and the first in the highlands region of Ecuador. According to the National Statistics and Census Institute, in 2018, 48% of people lived on less than $2.83 a day.

When referring to his adoptive family, he says that he has “ a very loving family. I can do whatever I want and they always support me in everything I do. I am very blessed. They are also supporting me in this search.”

David has not been able to confirm whether the data he has obtained is authentic. That is why he asks people who have any information that allows him to know the whereabouts of his biological family to the email [email protected]

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