A young Chilean comedian caused a sensation with his participation in the James Corden show

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Fabrizio Copano presented his monologue on one of the most popular shows on American television

 A young Chilean comedian caused a sensation with his participation in the James Corden show


Cristián Torres from Santiago, ChileYoung Chilean comedian causes a sensation for his participation in the James Corden Show/Courtesy of CanalPaís

Fabrizio Copano participated last Thursday night in one of the most successful programs on North American television, ” The Late Late Show by James Corden“. For entertainment critics this is a milestone relevant in his career, with a monologue that lasted just over five minutes.

The comedian based in the United States has been out of Chile for seven years. norte performs frequently in venues and clubs in Manhattan.The friction achieved by his good results in the market of bars and nightclubs, was what opened the possibility of taking his humor to the stellar.

Copano is a 33-year-old Chilean comedian. He began working in the media at an early age. At 13, he was already writing comedy columns with his older brother, Nicolás Copano, and writing scripts for television shows.

His career has always been linked to stand-up comedy, beginning on a Chilean television show called El Club de la comedia, where he performed his first routines. Then he began to internationalize his career participating in tours throughout Latin America recording specials for the Comedy Central channel.

In Chile he participated in the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in 2017 , with a successful routine and being the youngest comedian to present you on that stage. Then he recorded a Netflix special “I'm Only Thinking About Me”.

It took him three months to polish the routine he presented on The Late Late show James Corden. His main inspiration was jokes about President Gabriel Boric, being Latino in the United States, a joke about the Avengers, as well as mentions of Bill Gates, conspiracy theories and anti-vaccination.

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What did draw attention was that at the end of his presentation, the host of the program, James Corden, approached the Chilean comedian and said a few words in his ear. Copano himself in an interview in the newspaper Chilean La Tercera recounted what he told him. “He told me that (the show) had been very good, he loved the Avengers joke, that it was great and he told me I hope you can come before the end of the season,” he revealed.

Along these lines, he added that “I don't know if he says it out of courtesy to everyone or it was special, but that's what he told me. Now I have my head in putting together the routine for Viña well. That is what is coming now. I'm traveling to Chile tonight, “she said.

The routine was recorded on the same day, Thursday 19, in the afternoon, that is, before it was broadcast on CBS in prime time. To do this, Copano flew from New York to Los Angeles, California, to the studios where the program is recorded for the CBS signal.

“Corden stopped by to greet the dressing room. We talked for a while, I told him about all the expectation that there was in Chile, about the Carpool Karaoke that everyone sees and copies. Then about also being from another country and going to the USA to do comedy, in his case he is British”, added Copano.

For the comedian, the participation in the Late is a crucial moment for his career. “It is one step, of several that remain. But it's one that was on my priority list this year, so getting it out that quickly is a relief. Also an honor, that my work has the support of this type of shows. In addition, I am very happy that the people in Chile can catch what I have been doing in all this time.”

Now Copano is preparing for its next challenge, which is to appear at the Festival International Song of Viña de Mar at the end of February, where he was already in 2017 and a tour of his country.

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