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A World War I factory was opened in France: what is known about Macron's “unexpected step”.

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr12,2024

A World War I factory was opened in France: what is known about Macron's "unexpected step" /></p>
<p><strong>Macron assures that the time has come for the reindustrialization of France in the military sphere.< /strong></p>
<p>Europe is on the military rails. Due to the war in Ukraine, a World War I factory was reopened in France. The President of the country, Emmanuel Macron, also visited the construction site The official calls for the rapid increase of military capabilities against the background of the war in Ukraine and advises to help Kyiv more, in particular, in view of Washington's procrastination. Macron says that the time has come for geostrategic changes.</p>
<h2><strong>What is known about the plant in France</strong></h2>
<p>This plant in Bergerac supplied gunpowder even during the First World War. In 2007, the enterprise was dismantled due to a lack of orders. Now, in 2024, the war in Ukraine forced the French to give it a new life. President Emmanuel Macron lays one of the bricks at the official construction opening ceremony. The official emphasizes that the restoration of the plant is urgent and necessary for the supply of artillery shells to Ukraine.</p>
<p><em>“The world in which we find ourselves will not disappear with the end of the war in Ukraine tomorrow. After all, recently in Russia massive rearmament. That's why all over Europe you can now see an increase in military spending and orders,” he said.</p>
<p>The enterprise is opened by URENKO, a leading European supplier of gunpowder and explosives. The plant is promised to be completed next year. They will produce 1,200 tons of products per year. Taking into account the active hostilities in Europe, they currently have so many orders – enough for uninterrupted work until 2030.</p>
<p>In particular, their products will be used in Sau Caesar, which Paris has been supplying to Ukraine since the beginning of full scale. Emmanuel Macron assures that the time has come for the reindustrialization of France in the military sphere.</p>
<p><em>“You have already almost doubled your production for the famous weapon. And I say this so that it is clear to everyone – when we talk about howitzers “Caesar”, we are very proud to be able to supply them. These weapons are fundamental for the defense of Ukrainian territory</em>,” Macron said.</p>
<h2><strong>Europe's security is at risk</strong></h2>
<p>Another proposal of the French helmsman is to allocate an additional 50 billion euros to Ukraine within the framework of the Ukraine Facility program, while the States delay their aid. He insists, they cannot leave Kyiv under any circumstances, because the war is only one and a half thousand kilometers from France. And therefore the security of the whole of Europe is at risk.</p>
<p>You have heard how we regularly talk about the military economy and in the coming weeks ministers will mobilize their efforts to supply arms to Ukraine so that it can confront this geopolitical reality in which we we will exist for a long time.</p>
<p>The head of France has surprised the world in the last few months with bold and decisive statements towards Ukraine and Russia. Macron reproaches the allies for cowardice – and even suggested that it is possible to send troops to our country, which quite upset NATO partners.</p>
<p>But while the politician loudly declares himself as the most ardent ally of Ukraine,  France itself actively increases payments for Russian gas. The publication “Politico” writes that only in the first three months of this year, supplies of Russian liquefied natural gas to France increased more than to any other EU country compared to last year.</p>
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