A woman stole a million dollar lottery prize from her cousin

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The man had asked her to collect the money for him because he wanted to remain anonymous

A woman stole a million dollar lottery prize from her cousin

According to the local press, the prize appeared in a Scratch Card "Hold 'Em Poker" 5 New York State Dollars

An American woman pleaded guilty to stealing from her cousin a million-dollar lottery prize he had won, according to a statement from the New York County of Nassau Prosecutor's Office released this Friday.

The defendant, identified as Iris Amador and originally from the state of Texas, could be sentenced to between 16 months and 4 years in prison.

The Prosecutor's Office indicated that the victim won $1 million on a scratch card in October 2020 andasked his cousin to collect the prize for him, which was $537,000 after taxes, because he wanted to remain anonymous.

In addition, the victim had promised to give her cousin $50,000 in exchange for doing her that favor.

The defendant accepted the deal, but instead of giving the money to her cousin, he told her that the prize hadn't really been a million dollars, but 20,000, but that after taxes it had remained at 13,436 dollars.

Not convinced by her cousin's arguments, the victim did an internet search and found a statement from the New York State Lottery Administration announcing that her cousin had claimed the prize and received the $537,440 to which she was entitled. . In New York, it is mandatory to make public the names of the winners of lottery games.

After trying unsuccessfully to get Amador to return the money he had won with his card, the victim reported what happened.

“When the victim initially reported that her cousin had stolen her $1 million Scratch-Off ticket,it seemed far-fetched that a relative could be such a trickster ”, said Detective John Nagle of the Glen Cove (New York) Police Department, where the investigation took place.

The county attorney's office added that the Last May, the confiscation of the money that the defendant accumulated in her bank account was ordered, the sum of which amounted to $317,857, which was delivered to its rightful owner.

(With information from EFE)

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