A virtual Oscar race

A virtual Oscar race

A month after his film 14 days 12 nights had been chosen to represent Canada in the race for the Oscar for best international film, director Jean-Philippe Duval is stepping up his efforts to promote his candidacy among members of the Academy. But, pandemic obliges, it is online that he must lead this campaign of seduction in Hollywood.

In recent weeks, Jean-Philippe Duval has granted several interviews by videoconference to specialized American media (Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap, etc.). The objective: to make his film known 14 days 12 nights to voting members of the Academy of Oscars.

let’s remember that 14 days 12 nights was chosen last December to represent Canada in the Oscar race for best international film. He replaced the film at short notice Funny boy which was disqualified because it had too much dialogue in English to qualify in this category.

“I heard the news while I was completing my last day of filming for the second season of the series. All the life, relates Jean-Philippe Duval in an interview with Newspaper. I was completely in shock, and above all very happy. It is an honor for any filmmaker to represent their country in an Oscar race. It’s a bit like being qualified as an athlete in your country to go to the Olympics. ”

Nice welcome

Jean-Philippe Duval and his producer Antonello Cozzolino wereted no time in getting down to business to promote the film in Hollywood. From a distance, of course.

“The campaign that has been set up is 100% virtual,” explains Antonello Cozzolino. All interviews, meetings and publicity take place on online platforms. It’s really well organized given the circumstances. The only thing that is unfortunate is that we are a bit far away and that it is difficult to feel the pulse of the people who are going to vote. “

Released in Quebec last March just before the first confinement, 14 days 12 nights stars Anne Dorval as a bereaved mother who sets out on a pilgrimage to Vietnam to discover the origins of her adopted daughter. The film scripted by Marie Vien (Augustine’s passion) had already been well received at some American festivals, including the one in Palm Springs.

A helping hand from Villeneuve

Jean-Philippe Duval is fortunate to be able to count on the support of certain Quebec filmmakers who have already been nominated for the Oscars to help him in this seduction operation. Philippe Falardeau, Kim Nguyen, Denis Villeneuve and Denys Arcand (who won the Oscar in 2004 with The Barbarian Invasions) extolled the merits of 14 days 12 nights in an advertisement that was placed in the Hollywood newspaper Variety.

Villeneuve also conducted an interview with Duval which will be broadcast on the site of the powerful American artistic agency CAA.

“Denis [Villeneuve] It really did me a favor by agreeing to do this interview with me online to promote my film, says Jean-Philippe Duval. He had watched my movie and had prepared a list of questions to ask me. It was like a way for him to pass the torch. ”

However, nothing has yet been won for Jean-Philippe Duval. More than 90 countries submitted feature films this year for the Oscar for Best International Film. A list of 15 shortlisted films will be announced on February 8. The five finalists will then be announced on March 15. The Academy Awards will take place on April 25.

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