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A vehicle and its occupant trapped in the vehicle s under the ice of Lake Ontario

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Rescue teams attempt to extract a vehicle from the Keating Canal, southeast of Toronto.


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Services of Toronto emergency responders attempt to recover a body from a vehicle that plunged into Lake Ontario Saturday morning.

Toronto Fire spokesperson Deepak Chagger said crews were called to the scene near Lakeshore Boulevard and Cherry Street around 8 a.m. 45.

Police say the vehicle left the road and entered the Keating Canal. When emergency crews arrived on scene, they confirmed that there was an occupant in a vehicle submerged under more than seven centimeters of ice.

M. Chagger reports that no one was seen exiting the vehicle.

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The Cherry Street Bridge passes over the Keating Canal, the waterway connecting the Don River, which runs along the south side of the town, on Lake Ontario.

Firefighters entered the water but were unable to rescue the occupant of the vehicle. According to the spokesperson, the rescue mission is now an extraction mission and has been entrusted to the police.

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Two hours after the first call to emergency services, police crews were still working to remove the vehicle from the water.

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