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A USB key could derail the trial of Steeve Charland

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Steeve “L'Artiss” Charland stands trial in Ontario Superior Court. (Archive photo)


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The trial of Steeve “L'Artiss” Charland could be compromised by a USB key story. The two parties are due to debate on Tuesday a motion filed by the defense, which aims to abort the proceedings.

The defense made this request on Monday, since it claims not to have received any evidence before the start of the trial. This is a report detailing a Farfadaas meeting that took place on February 8, 2022, which was attended by an undercover police officer.

According to the Crown , the three-page long document was stored on a USB key which was transmitted to the defense.

However, Steeve Charland's lawyer, Mr. Nicholas St-Pierre, asserts that the document did not appear on the electronic medium, and that neither he nor his client were able to read the report, which taints the fairness of the trial.

Tuesday, the Crown lawyer, Me François Dulude, filed email exchanges which demonstrate that a USB key was was indeed transmitted to the defense in March 2022. However, he refrained from criticizing his colleague too harshly.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Pelletier spent the morning questioning the two lawyers to try to understand what might have happened and to clarify questions surrounding the sending of other keys USB which could not be accessed by the defense for technical reasons.

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Steeve Charland is accused of misdeeds and of inciting other people to commit misdeeds during the truckers' convoy.

Both parties will debate the trial's abortion request on Tuesday, following -noon. The judge, for his part, indicated that he planned to render his decision on Thursday.

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