A Uruguayan senator complained that some teachers “induce children to adopt behaviors of the opposite sex”

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Guido Manini Ríos, from Cabildo Abierto, pointed out that in certain schools “habits that lead to identity confusion” are instilled

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A Uruguayan senator complained that some teachers “induce children to adopt behaviors of the opposite sex”

According to Manini, there are schools in which children are asked to assume attitudes or gestures of the other sex, to wear clothes or participate in games of the other sex

The Uruguayan senator from Cabildo Abierto (CA) Guido Manini Ríos made reference to suggestions he received from some “dismayed and powerless” parents regarding the actions of “certain teachers and directors” in Uruguayan schools. From the families they criticized that they were instilling “certain habits in their children” that produced “a identity confusion” and attempted against secularism.

In this sense, Manini pointed out that in some public and private schools students are induced “to adopt behaviors typical of the opposite sex, while teaching them that sexuality is a social construction, so they are completely free to choose the sex they want, without being tied to what their biology indicates”. To exemplify, she mentioned that students are asked “to assume attitudes or gestures of the other sex or to dress in clothes or participate in games of the other sex”.

The lobbying senator argued that there are “militant teachers of gender ideology” who generate in children “a identity confusion that, if there is not a strong family presence to neutralize it -which unfortunately in many cases we know that the family presence is conspicuous by its absence-, will end up affecting their psyche, causing disorders that often end up destroying the person as such”.

As he said, these practices are carried out “for the sake of applying an ideology, which is part of a cultural and political agenda and which, like any ideology, constitutes a set of ideas used for the purpose of political mobilization.” In addition, he described the application of these policies as something “suicidal” that would lead to “the reduction of the country's population.”

“We are convinced that its application is tremendously harmfulfor society. It generates stigmas, attributes blame, encourages intrafamily and intersex conflicts, thus contributing to greater social fragmentation,” Manini added.

In this sense, he explained that he was not referring to the “non-discrimination of the various groups that make up our society” or the “sexual options that we accept and respect as part of the inherent freedom of being human,” but was criticizing what considers “a clear violation of secularism by inducing children to develop behaviors that over time will affect their relationship life, taking them down paths that, if there had been no stimuli at their early age, would have been different.”

“Here what there is is a pressure for the child to assume a different sexual option and it is done at a stage of life in which the child cannot discern what is convenient or wants. And what's worse, he does it behind his family's back, ”said the senator. As he argued, it is “an ideology that uses the most fragile minorities to advance in the deconstruction of the culture we live in and tear down the foundations on which our civilization has been built.”

Finally, he asked the authorities to work to prevent this “flagrant violation of secularity and family rights” and to refer the intervention to Presidency, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Central Board of Directors of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) and the Human Rights Institution.