A unique hotel will open in Saudi Arabia in the middle of the desert

A unique hotel will open in Saudi Arabia in the middle of the desert

The famous architect Jean Nouvel, who has been erecting his grandiose buildings in different parts of the world for a long time, was invited to design and build the hotel.

Saudi Arabia decided to attract more tourists and invest in a unique hotel that will be carved into the rock and located in the middle of the Al-Ula desert.

A unique hotel will be opened in Saudi Arabia in the middle of the desert

Hospitality Design writes about it.

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The design and construction of the hotel was entrusted to the famous French architect Jean Nouvel, who created the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, as well as the Agbar Tower in Barcelona , the National Museum of Qatar and many other buildings.

The hotel will appear in the ancient rock city of Madain Salih (Hegra), which is more than two thousand years old. It is included in the UNESCO heritage list. It was this city that inspired the architect to create a unique hotel, and Nouvel sets himself the main task of preserving the landscape and the centuries-old heritage of this place.

Together with his team, he studied how the Nabateans carved their tombs and palaces right into the rocks from sandstone and followed 2000 years of experience.

The resort will consist of 40 guest suites , three villas and 14 private pavilions. There will be a pool carved into the rocks and a high-speed elevator that will take guests to the top of the cliff through the layers of geological formations.

The perfectly round patio with moon phases will also be special. A unique rock hotel will open next year, 2023.