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A Ukrainian woman left the occupied part of the Kherson region on foot: a drone took her off the bridge

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

A Ukrainian woman left the occupied part of the Kherson region on foot: a drone took her off the bridge

Ukrainian woman left the occupied part on foot/Facts

Ever since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the left bank of the Kherson region has been under occupation. People cannot bear to live with the invaders for so long, and are trying to escape from this territory.

On June 11, the Ukrainian military spotted a woman from a drone on the surviving part of the Antoniv bridge from the side of the temporarily occupied Oleshki. This is reported by the Fakty publication.

The woman was noticed by the operator of the Ukrainian drone, to whom she showed her passport. As a result, the drone took her to the positions of the Armed Forces on the left bank, from where the military transported the woman to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The woman is a citizen of Ukraine. At the beginning of the war, she went to Russia, moved several times and decided to return to Ukraine. From the Russian city of Belgorod, she reached Dzhankoya, then went to Skadovsk and Radensk. The Russian military took her from Radensk to the city of Oleshka. After spending the night there, she reached the Antoniv bridge on foot.

A Ukrainian drone spotted her on the bridge. She showed her passport to the camera. The drone brought her to the shelter. Then she was taken away by the Ukrainian military. According to the woman, there were no obstacles on the way from Oleshok on the part of the Russian army. She herself did not know that Antonivsky bridge was destroyed.

This is the first time when a person did not know, according to her, that the bridge was destroyed. She came to Oleshok, spent the night there, and then decided to leave, no one stopped her on this way. Our military, who control this perimeter, check people and do not shoot immediately. If someone went in the direction of Russia, they would 100% be shot. It was here that the woman guessed that it was necessary to show the passport to the camera (drone, editor's note), said Oleksandr Tolokonnikov, head of the Department of Internal and Information Policy of the Kherson Regional Government.

The operation to evacuate the woman lasted about six hours and was dangerous both for her and for the soldiers of the Defense Forces.

Of course, our guys carried her out, then delivered and evacuated her to Kherson by boat. Now all the checks are being carried out with the woman – this is the first thing that needs to be done. Everything is fine with her. And in most cases, people return through the Sumy checkpoint, if necessary, or in a large circle from abroad – Georgia, Turkey, Poland and through Transcarpathia, – explained Tolokonnikov.

Remember, the Russian army blew up the Antoniv bridge on the morning of November 10, 2022. This was done after the withdrawal of troops from the right bank of Kherson.

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