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A Ukrainian technology startup has created a robotic turret that can be controlled using a gamepad

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Ukrainian technology startup has created a robotic turret that can be controlled using a gamepad

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine contracted Wolly robotic machine gun turrets created by the domestic company DevDroid. Yuriy Poritskyi, the founder of the technostartup, told the portal about this, Militarny writes. According to the concluded contract, the order for 40 complexes must be completed by July of this year. According to Poritsky, the cost of the complex, which includes a robotic turret and a control panel, reaches $10,000 . «This is actually the price of a machine gunner's life on the line of fire», — says Yurii Poritskyi. He added that if the turret is damaged, a spare installation for the complex can be purchased for $ 5 000.

Wolly robotic turrets are already being used by the Ukrainian military on the frontline. The company supplies complexes to the 3rd Assault Brigade at its own expense.

Wolly's key advantage is its ability to automatically calculate ballistic fire trajectories, which increases the accuracy of shooting at long distances. This function, together with long autonomous operation, makes the module indispensable on the battlefield, especially in long-term operations.

The weight of the module is only 30 kg, which allows easy transport it and quickly move it to new positions. Wolly is installed on a tripod, which provides stability during shooting and the possibility of installation on various surfaces.

Natasha Kumar

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