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RW H8 A tweet for 2.5 million dollars: Internet collecting catches the bitcoin 'gold rush' - The Times Hub

A tweet for 2.5 million dollars: Internet collecting catches the bitcoin 'gold rush'

A tweet for 2.5 million dollars: Internet collecting catches the bitcoin 'gold rush'

Real Madrid collectible digital stickersSorare

The definitive trigger came from Jack Dorsey himself , founder and CEO of Twitter. The businessman has put up for sale his first tweet , dated March 21, 2006. He does so on a trading platform called Valuables . The bid, which ends (of course) on March 21, already reaches 2.5 million dollars (2 million euros) offered by the founder of Sina Estavi . It is the rise of the sale of original digital products through Blokchain, a trend that has been fueled by the explosion of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Digital collecting has become fashionable many centuries after the physical was born. , the one of all the life. Collecting pictures, stickers, first editions of vinyl records or classic cars is easy to understand. The key is that these are non-expendable assets, that is, they have unique characteristics, their own identity, that make them special. There are few copies of the original edition of the first Beatles album, and only one of Edward Hopper's Nighthawks (for example) In contrast there are expendable assets, those that deteriorate with use and can be replaced by another of the same characteristics . Until now, a digital copy of a song or a meme had the same consideration as a printer toner: they are interchangeable files, with little value apart from the pleasure of listening to it or the grace that it can do us when we receive it.

The rise of crypto assets (the highest recorded by bitcoin is its most palpable example ) and the consolidation of the blockchain ( Blockchain in its original English name) has made the purchase of non-expendable assets in the digital environment fashionable. "They are unique pieces, with their characteristics or they belong to a limited edition," explains Francisco Gordillo, an expert in the crypto world and decentralized networks. There are many

examples, apart from Dorsey's tweet. The American rock band Kings of Leon has released a limited edition online of their latest album . The video game company Atari has launched a casino with classic games, the NBA actively promotes its limited editions of collectibles called Top Shot Moments . Real Madrid has joined the list of 125 teams formed by Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Juventus, or Paris Saint Germain by allying with the French company Sorare to sell digital stickers that also allow them to earn points Interchangeable depending on the behavior of the teams or the players. FC Barcelona footballers Gerard Piqué and Antoine Griezmann are investors in Sorare.

These unique digital assets respond to the name of NFT, the acronym for non-fungible tokens (that is, non-fungible tokens ). To begin with, what is a token ? It literally means token or voucher , and is defined as a privately issued unit of value. The term, in fact, gives a name to something that has been around for a long time without us paying much attention to it: the tickets we buy at festivals to exchange for beers or the loyalty points of a business or an airline are more examples. that integrated into our lives

The difference is that the digital tokens that we call NFT operate on the so-called Blockchain (on a chain called Ethereum, to be more exact), and that to manage them we need applications called wallets (wallets) that operate in our mobiles or on the internet, in the style of the ones we have on our mobile phones to store our credit or boarding cards (Apple Wallet and Passbook on Android). There are many: Deep, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Portis, Metamask …

"Everything arises in 2015," recalls Gordillo. “But until 2018 it did not gain traction. In 2020, it exploded and in 2021 it has followed the trend ”. Last year, the NFT sector closed with more than 220,000 active cards, almost double the number in 2019, which moved $ 251 million, according to data from L'Atelier, a division of the French bank BNP Paribas. We find NFTs fundamentally in six sectors: sale of art, especially digital native; collectibles (stamps like those of a lifetime, but in digital format); video game-related assets, such as trades or weapons for use in certain titles; metaverses, that is, purchases in digital worlds in the style of the extinct Second Life page; sports, especially soccer, NBA and Formula 1; and utilities , a kind of mixed bag that includes domain names or value-added tickets to certain events. The NFTs are paid in the cryptocurrency ether.

Distribution of the NFT market in 2020

Fashionable or niche market?

Everything related to cryptoassets has exploded in the last year, with bitcoin hitting highs. This fever has fueled the fashion for NFTs, according to Alex Preukschat, founder of Blockchain Spain and co-founder of the Iberoamerican Blockchain Alliance . "It reminds me a lot of the tulip bubble," he says [in reference. "In 2020, it entered in a massive way in bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies such as ether, money from institutional funds. Many people have gained a lot, and when people think they are rich, they make very different decisions than when they are poor, ”he says.” Francisco Gordillo, for his part, is somewhat more optimistic about it. “The important thing about this is that it opens the door to the so-called creator economy (an economy in which creators can earn money with their works),” says Gordillo.

“NFTs are a simple way to monetize content that, otherwise, form, it would belong to the platforms or it would remain in our computers ”. L'Atelier also looks to the future with optimism in its report. “One of the key components that define NFTs is that they demonstrate ownership of an asset, and as digital economies continue to prosper, there is no doubt that these assets will play a critical role in bringing the digital world closer to the world. physical, closer than they have ever been ”.

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