A traveler from the Czech Republic spoke about the striking observations after a trip to Siberia

Czech traveler shared his impressions after crossing of Siberia by car. Besides the joyful moments, the girl had experienced some difficulties in the way.

Путешественница из Чехии рассказала о поразительных наблюдениях после поездки в Сибирь

A traveler from the Czech Republic for several years traveled by car 16 countries. Her road to Siberia was not the first, as in 2017 it had to happen on this site. The way the girls were lying through Prague, Kiev, Irkutsk, and Yakutsk and Magadan. In the same way she came back. During the voyage the visitor crossed the frozen lake Baikal, which surprised her the most, and even visited the “cold pole” Oymyakon.

Difficulties in the way could not be avoided. Due to the low temperature in the car was freezing oil, thickened with butter and discharged the battery, and in connection with strong frosts the Czech had to search for a vehicle in a warm garage. According to adventurer, Siberian road well clear of the track in this weather, but they will in any case need to be careful because the layer thumb ice, because the driver can leave in a ditch. She once got in an accident when I went for overtaking in the Urals. Said the girl and ice fishing, as for the production people can live days on the ice, and some spend there the whole winter.

Also the guest told that the Russians had never seen in the locality of the foreigner, asked to be photographed with her. In addition, she shared her impressions of the “silver road”, which for a quarter century, builds and maintains the Kolyma tract, and on the scientific employee, living 34 years in a remote village Davsha on lake Baikal. Just for this trip, the Czech overcame a 36 thousand km.

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