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Un 3rd young person convicted for the attack on the Bibliothèque du Millénaire

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The teenager convicted Tuesday received a three-year sentence for manslaughter and will be released this week to serve the remainder of his sentence under supervision in the community, subject to certain conditions. (Archive photo)


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A third youth received a 3-year sentence in connection with the fatal attack at Winnipeg's Millénaire library last year.

Four teenagers have faced charges in the murder of Tyree Cayer, 28, which happened at Winnipeg's Millennium Library in December 2022.< /p>

Provincial Court Judge Samuel Raposo accepted the joint recommendation of Crown prosecutor David Burland and the teen's defense lawyer Matthew Raffey. They called for the boy, who was 14 at the time of the attack, to receive the maximum three-year sentence imposed on young people in cases of manslaughter.

They argued that he was the accused least involved in this assault, that he had no prior record, that he had behaved and that he had participated in programs in detention.

Having already spent more than a year in detention, he will spend the 18 months remaining on his sentence on supervised release, with a number of conditions, Raposo said.

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Although you were not the main aggressor, you participated in a senseless and cowardly attack, said the judge, addressing the young boy. I hope you will take Ms. Cayer's words of encouragement to heart and continue to attend programs […] to embark on a positive path.

For the third time in a few months, the victim's mother, Tania Cayer, read a statement addressed to one of the four young people accused in the death of her son, Tyree .

Ms Cayer said her life had turned into disaster since that fateful day, while holding up several photos of her son in court on Tuesday. She urged the youngster not to waste his future.

I know that locking you up forever is not the solution, she told the young man.

My son has probably already forgiven you.

A quote from Tania Cayer, mother of victim, Tyree Cayer

If you had met him, he would have been your brother, he probably would have protected you, so I ask you to take this opportunity to change your life, Ms. Cayer said to the 15-year-old boy, who was staring at the ground, while he was sitting in the dock.

The latter was the youngest of the four accused at the time of the ;attack. He apologized to Ms Cayer and her family.

I'm sorry for their loss. I didn't know that someone was going to die that night […] I have to be careful who I hang out with, he said in a pre-trial report read in court on Tuesday.

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The Millennium Library closed its doors for six weeks after the fatal stabbing of December 11, 2022 . (Archive photo)

The four youths, aged 14 to 16 at the time, were all accused of stabbing Tyree Cayer.

Two of them have been sentenced to manslaughter and second-degree murder, respectively, in recent months.

The fourth young person who pleaded guilty to manslaughter should be sentenced in January.

The identity of the four young people is protected under the Juvenile Criminal Justice Act.

A publication ban is in effect and restricts the disclosure of details of what happened during the attack on Tyree Cayer, until the four cases took their course in court.

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