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A technology startup from the US has created an innovative helmet that will make the F-35 fighter jet transparent to the pilot

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

A technology startup from the United States has created an innovative helmet that will make the F-35 fighter transparent for the pilot

The American company Collins Aerospace presented the third generation of helmet for the pilots of the F-35 fighter -35, "Genesis III" or HMDS Gen 3, costing $ 400 000. This helmet makes the plane “transparent” for the pilot, providing a 360-degree view.

On the external surface of the F-35, six cameras are installed that transmit images to the helmet from all sides, allowing the pilot to see a full digital visualization of the surrounding space. You can make the control elements transparent and see the space under the plane to the very ground. This allows you to use augmented reality to display useful information.

The helmet is also equipped with infrared cameras, which allows you to see in the darkness. However, the field of view is limited to 30×40 degrees. The built-in guidance system allows the pilot to mark objects simply by eye movement. The helmet withstands overload during ejection at speed up to 1000 km/h.

The main disadvantage of HMDS Gen 3 — it is custom made. It is necessary to make a 3D scan of the head of a specific pilot to create an individual substrate. The weight of the helmet is 2.3 kg. Because it contains a lot of complex equipment, it is important that the helmet fits the head perfectly.

After the helmet is made, the pilot cannot change his hairstyle, his face must not be injured or diseased, nor can he  to gain weight. Every 120 days, a head and helmet compliance check is carried out to ensure the reliable operation of the systems.

Natasha Kumar

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