A supercomputer called the cause of extinction of Neanderthals

A supercomputer called the most probable cause of the disappearance of the Neanderthals. To build a model managed the staff of the Institute for basic science in South Korea.

Суперкомпьютер назвал причину исчезновения неандертальцев

Neanderthals inhabited the Earth for over 300,000 years and even at one time coexisted with Homo Sapiens. Moreover, between them often happened, intermarriage. According to one scientific theory, the Neanderthals disappeared about 43 000 years ago, but the exact reason for their extinction to determine for a long time without success. Scientists have advanced various hypotheses. One of them, they did not survive the climatic changes on the planet. Supercomputer this theory has been disproven. Second, Homo neanderthalensis lost its identity due to interbreeding with Homo Sapiens. This idea has also been refuted by a specialized machine.

Most likely, the supercomputer recognized the assumption that the Neanderthals simply could not compete in the struggle for resources with Homo sapiens. Homo neanderthalensis was weaker than Homo Sapiens in terms of methods of hunting, he had not such a strong immune system and an insufficient level of fertility.

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