“A super-expected adventure in the Harry Potter universe”: pre-order for Hogwarts Legacy opened in Russia

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Game release date – February 10, 2023

M.Video-Eldorado pre-order for a new game that won the title of the most anticipated games on Steam in February 2023.

The press office said:

Hogwarts Legacy – super-anticipated adventure in the Harry Potter universe arrives on the shelves of M.Video. 

«M.Video» offers a game with Russian subtitles at a price of 5999 rubles for versions for Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Series game consoles. The game's release date is February 10, 2023. 

First reviews of Hogwarts Legacy have already appeared, the PlayStation 5 console version of   received an average rating of 85/100, and for the Xbox Series X – 89/100.

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