A student from La Gran Colombia University denounced that a classmate sexually abused her

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Through a video that was posted on social networks, the victim reported that the perpetrator was studying law and threatened her if she talked about what happened < /h2>

A student from the university La Gran Colombia denounced that a classmate sexually abused her

Due to these cases of sexual abuse, women in Colombia take to the streets to demonstrate, even with violence. Photo: REUTERS/Luisa González

A new case of sexual abuse was revealed this weekend in Bogotá, where the victim was a fifth-semester student of business administration at La Gran Colombia who denounced, through a video that she recorded from the hospital where she was treated, that the perpetrator is a law student from the same higher education institution.

“I don't usually do these kinds of videos, but I don't want any other woman to go through what I went through. I am in the hospital because I was raped. I left the university and went to have a drink with some friends, but they had to leave, so one of my classmates told me I introduce you to three boys and we continued drinking with them. As a fool, as an asshole, I agreed to everything you want and went to the apartment”, she recounted.

But there the man allegedly sexually abused her and, as if that were not enough, intimidated her into not doing anything about it.

“After she was a little better, he I said: -Ask me for a Beat, I'm leaving-. He turned off my cell phone and wouldn't let me answer my mom. He threatened me and told me that if I did or said something, it would be worse for me. But I came here to tell you because I don't want you girls to go through the same thing,” he added.

However, The young university student decided that she had to tell about her case so that other women do not have to suffer the same as her and bring it to the attention of the authorities.

“Obviously my life is not going to be the same, but please report when they do this to you. I already did it”, she concluded the story of her.

after what happened.

and activate the accompaniment routes for cases such as sexual violence. This attention was provided before the publications made through social networks (sic)”, they reported in the letter.

They added thatThey recommended that they notify the competent authorities of what happened so that they take charge of the case.

“The Institution suggested submitting complaints and formal complaints to the competent authorities to initiate the respective processes and investigations. The Alma Mater makes available to all its members, the dependencies and services based on psychosocial support (sic) routes”, they indicated.

Finally, they recommended to the members of the educational community that in these serious cases of crimes against freedom, integrity and sexual education, they go to the Secretariat for Women, the Police or the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation.

“The University of Gran Colombia, a promoter of Christian values ​​and the defense of human dignity and social coexistence, invites its students, officials and teachers to report any type of violence to the competent authorities, ensuring respect for due process and legality in the corresponding procedures (sic)”, concluded the statement.

This act of gender violence became known after a week in which there were protests by women, some of which resulted in riots, after the cases became known of a university student from EAN (School of Business Administration) and a minor who were victims of sexual abuse in Transmilenio.