A strange sketch found in the painting “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci

A strange sketch found in the painting “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci

On one of the most famous works of painting – the painting “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, a strange sketch was found under the top layer of paint. The discovery was made by Pascal Cott.

A strange sketch found in the painting

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The French scientist has been researching the famous “Jaconda” for more than one year. Especially for the study of an old canvas, he designed a camera using Lumiere Technology, capable of recording radiation in 13 spectra, including infrared. This option is unique as it allows you to explore the painting without touching it with your hands. Online multispectral analysis helps to clear the canvas from layers, which allows you to get to the canvas itself without exposing it to any danger. In 2007, Kott reported that he used his device to identify eyebrows and eyelashes on Mona Lisa. In doing so, he proved that with her left hand she was holding a piece of fabric, and the sky behind her was strikingly blue.

Now the scientist has found a strange sketch on the canvas. Pascal Cott suggests that it was made by Leonardo da Vinci. The contour was presumably drawn using the spolvero technique. It differs in that the artist pierces microscopic holes on the sketch of the future drawing, after which he uses coal dust to transfer the sketch to the canvas. The strokes found indicate that a different pose was originally planned for the Mona Lisa. There should also be a hairpin in her hair. Moreover, the ladies of Florence did not use such decorations during the years of the creation of the canvas.

The specialist suggests that Leonardo da Vinci originally planned to create not a real woman, but her ideal image. This is indicated by the type of hairpin that can symbolize virtue.

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