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“A society worthy of its name cares about others”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar21,2024

« A company worthy of its name cares about others»

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Coroner Géhane Kamel concluded the public inquiry hearings by thanking everyone who participated. (Archive photo)

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Coroner Géhane Kamel closed the public inquiry into the death of Maureen Breau on Thursday, which ends after 19 days of hearings and 67 witnesses interviewed. The investigation report should be submitted in the fall.

After a short testimony from Serge Brouillard, the father of Isaac Brouillard Lessard, who underlined the end of this long and sad story regarding his son, affirming that there is hope for change, it was the assessor of the investigation, Dr Marc Jalbert, who took the speech.

He spoke about the concept of learned helplessness, a feeling which came up several times in the speeches of the witnesses and which was mentioned for the first time by Dr. Hélène Poirier, Isaac Brouillard Lessard's psychiatrist, during the third day of the public inquiry.

It is the impression felt by stakeholders that their actions, their words and their judgments do not resonate with the partners with whom they work, says Dr. Jalbert.

Louiseville tragedy: the death of Maureen Breau

Consult the complete file

Louiseville tragedy: the death of Maureen Breau

Consult the complete file


This feeling undermines the delicate mission of the State to care for people and protect the public […] It is the symptom of a failure, a sign that a cosmetic cure is no longer possible in the public system, he added.

At the start of the day, the coroner also indicated that two people involved in the allegations of pressure on Serge Breau, Maureen's father, including the ex -police officer who allegedly contacted him three times, were called upon to file a sworn statement by March 27.

Ms. Kamel then spoke before concluding the public portion of the inquest, recalling that the quest of a coroner is to seek the truth in collaboration with all those who participate in the hearings.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">She addressed in particular the numerous witnesses who spoke during the investigation, highlighting their contribution. Never underestimate your extremely important contribution, she said, affirming that the information collected will help protect human lives.

Ms. Kamel also spoke to the parents of the two victims of the Louiseville tragedy.

To the parents of Isaac Brouillard Lessard, she wanted to say that an illness does not define you. She highlighted the efforts of Mr. Brouillard and Ms. Lessard to try to help their son, until the end.

Parents can only accompany their children. You did it with heart, you tried everything to save your son and Maureen, she said.

Ms. Kamel hopes that The public inquiry will have answered the many reasons which have haunted the members of the family since the tragedy. She highlighted the exceptional courage they showed in appearing at the hearings.

The coroner praised the courage of Maureen the fighter, who died in service and who honored her oath to serve and protect until her last breath.

For this oath, she will have unjustly given her own life. I sincerely hope that this report will honor his memory, she adds.

The coroner also hoped that Quebec would adopt a law like Brian's Law in Ontario, which was written after a similar tragedy and which had led to changes in the management of cases of people suffering from mental disorders. .

She wants the report's findings to be incorporated into legislation named after Maureen Breau.

The chapter does not end, it must be carried by each of us and remind us that we are all responsible for each other. A society worthy of its name cares about others, concluded the coroner.

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