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A situation close to the film Mad Max in Ha&iuml ;ti, says UNICEF

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Haiti and in particular its capital Port-au-Prince are the scene of a outbreak of gang violence in recent weeks. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

The situation in Haiti is “horrible” and “almost straight out of a scene from Mad Max,” a film that depicts a post-apocalyptic future, the general director of the Haitian National Association said on Sunday. UNICEF, as this poor Caribbean country faces gang violence.

Many, many people are suffering from serious hunger and malnutrition, and we are not able to provide them with enough help, Catherine Russell said in an interview with the American channel CBS.

Haiti and in particular its capital Port-au-Prince have been the scene of an outbreak of gang violence in recent weeks, while Haitians await the establishment of a transitional presidential council after the announcement of the resignation of the contested Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who is now in charge of current affairs.

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Former Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry (Archive photo)< /p>

Kenya, which must deploy a thousand police officers as part of a multinational security mission, announced that it was suspending the sending of its men, but assured that it would intervene once a presidential council was installed. .

Gangs control entire swathes of the country, including 80% of the capital, and are accused of numerous abuses, particularly murders, rapes, and kidnapping for ransom.

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Somehow we have to take more control of the situation, so as to bring aid into Haiti.

A quote from Catherine Russell, Executive Director of UNICEF

She cites the litany of disasters that have affected the country over almost 15 years: earthquakes, cholera, COVID….

The current situation is the worst anyone has seen in decades, she added .

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People collect water in buckets and containers, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, March 12, 2024.

While the Port-au-Prince airport remains closed, the UN mission in Haiti announced Wednesday the establishment as soon as possible of an air bridge between Haiti and the Dominican Republic neighbor by helicopter, in particular to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The capital's main port is also nearby. x27;stopped since March 7, faced with acts of sabotage and vandalism according to its operator, complicating the delivery of international aid.

A UNICEF container, including crucial maternal, newborn and child health supplies, was looted at this port on Saturday, the UN agency said in a statement.< /p>

This incident comes at a critical time, when children need it most, UNICEF added.

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