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Only one trial for the alleged victims by Gilbert Rozon

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Gilbert Rozon leaving the Montreal courthouse, in December 2020, after his acquittal on charges of rape and indecent assault brought against him by Annick Charette. (Archive photo)


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The nine civil suits brought against fallen businessman Gilbert Rozon by as many alleged victims of Sexual assault or harassment will ultimately be the subject of a single trial.

Judge Frédéric Pérodeau of the Superior Court of Quebec acquiesced Tuesday to a request for joinder of the proceedings brought by Lyne Charlebois, Annick Charette, Patricia Tulasne, Anne-Marie Charette , Sophie Moreau, Danie Frenette, Guylaine Courcelles, Marylena Sicari and Martine Roy.

This means that their cases will be judged on the same evidence, explained in a press release the office of Me Anne-Julie Asselin, one of the lawyers for the nine plaintiffs.

The trial against the founder of Just for Laughs, which is expected to last 43 days of hearings, is scheduled to begin on December 9 and continue until March 27, 2025.

Without this decision by Judge Pérodeau, the hearings to hear the nine trials would have required more than 100 days according to the parties' estimates, according to Mr. Asselin.

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Significant evidence of similar facts will be made in these files. With a single trial, not only do we prevent victims from having to relive the trauma beyond what is necessary, but it is also a considerable saving of resources for all parties, starting with the judicial system. himself, she argued in a press release.

In January 2018, the Superior Court of Quebec authorized the action collective action brought against the ex-producer by the group of alleged victims Les Courageuses, represented by actress Patricia Tulasne, but the Court of Appeal overturned the judgment in January 2020.

The Court of Appeal, which did not reach a unanimous decision, ruled that the case did not meet the necessary conditions to initiate a class action.< /p>

The Supreme Court of Canada then upheld this decision in November 2020.

After being dismissed, nine of the women who had been part of the collective action against the ex-humor mogul decided to file individual lawsuits.

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