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A sexual assault complaint against Eric Adams

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Eric Adams, mayor of New York, last February.

Agence France-Presse

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The mayor of New York, Eric Adams, is accused, in a complaint revealed Thursday by the American press, of having sexually assaulted a woman 30 years ago, facts that the former police officer “vigorously” denies. .

The plaintiff was allegedly sexually assaulted by Eric Adams in New York in 1993 while both worked for the City of New York – l' current mayor was then a police officer – according to the complaint cited by The Messenger and the New York Post.

The document, which is three pages long and which was filed Wednesday evening a few hours before an important deadline, does not give further details on the alleged facts, according to The Messenger. p>

The mayor doesn't know who this person is. If they actually met, he doesn't remember it. But he would never do anything that would not physically harm anyone, and he strenuously denies that claim.

A quote from A spokesperson for Mayor Eric Adams

The plaintiff, whose name has not been revealed, is seeking a trial and $5 million in damages, according to The Messenger.

Aged 63, Eric Adams has been mayor of New York for two years. He is the second African-American to lead the megacity. Coming from a poor family, he experienced delinquency before becoming a police officer, creating a union to fight racism then, finally, entering politics as an elected Democrat.

He recently had his phones seized by the federal police (FBI) as part of an investigation into illegal financing of an electoral campaign, with the press citing suspicions of corruption by Turkey.

The complaint against him comes the day after the revelation of two other similar files. The frontman of the rock band Guns N' Roses Axl Rose and American actor Jamie Foxx were targeted Wednesday by complaints of sexual assault that occurred years ago in New York.

All of these civil legal actions are made possible by a New York State law which allows since November 2022, and until the deadline of Thursday, the Thanksgiving holiday , for victims of sexual violence to file a civil complaint for prescribed criminal or misdemeanor acts.

This local law – the Adult Survivors Act – has enabled many complainants to take civil legal action against their alleged sexual attackers, often high-profile personalities.

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