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A Russian plane dropped a bomb on its own territory again, but this time in the Voronezh region

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

A Russian plane dropped a bomb on its own territory again, but this time in the Voronezh region

A Russian plane dropped an aviation munition on a village in the Voronezh region. It is known that the munition exploded.

According to rossMI, an unidentified aviation munition fell from a Russian plane on the village of Probudzhennya in the Voronezh region on the evening of May 14.

The ammunition exploded, a hole about a meter deep was formed on the spot. There are no casualties.

By the way, on May 12, two aerial bombs of the Russian Air Force were dropped on the Belgorod region. In addition, on May 10-11, the Russian Armed Forces dropped 5 aerial bombs on the Belgorod region. On May 4, a Russian plane dropped a FAB-500 on Belgorod, as a result of which 7 people were injured, 31 houses and 10 cars were damaged. The Russian authorities hid the cause of this event.

Thus, over the past 3 months, Russian air defense systems have dropped at least 35 FABs and one unidentified munition on Russian and occupied Ukrainian regions.

Russia has repeatedly attacked its own territories

On May 4, an explosion rang out in Belgorod and there was damage probably due to the fall of an aerial bomb. This happened while the Russians were shelling Kharkiv and the region.

Also in April 2024, the Russian aviation accidentally dropped an X-59 missile on the Belgorod region. It happened 92 km from the border with Ukraine.

Similar cases were recorded last year as well. For example, in April 2023, a Russian Su-34 aircraft dropped bombs on Belgorod.

British intelligence notes that Russia has problems with the use of aerial bombs, which the occupiers sometimes drop on their territories. This poses a threat to the Russian civilian population.

These incidents point to Russia's continued inability to successfully use munitions on their intended targets. Such mistakes lead to devastating and fatal consequences for the Russian population, — it says in the summary.

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