The II Congress of Young Scientists took place in Sirius Park. The developers of Sberbank demonstrated a robotic cat that understands the human voice. “Sirius” park presents a robot cat that understands the human voice” />

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The robotic animal, which received the nickname “Sbercat”, was developed by “Sberbank” and presented at the II Congress young scientists. The robot cat purrs, makes other sounds characteristic of cats, and also reacts to human speech addressed to it. Outwardly, the robot resembles a living cat, however, its details are not as soft as the fur of a living animal, and the surface of the eyes, in which the LEDs are placed, is covered with thin glass. Robocat is an academic project created on an open Chinese platform. Director of the Research and Innovation Department of Sberbank Albert Efimov noted that Sber is currently focused on research aimed at cybersecurity, blockchain technology, augmented and virtual reality, robotics and neuroscience.

According to Efimov, Sberbank busy with the study of possible hardware solutions that will contribute to research in these areas.



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