A resident of Yekaterinburg changed her middle name to her mother

A resident of Yekaterinburg changed her middle name to her mother

In Yekaterinburg, a local resident changed her patronymic to the name of her mother, which she herself considers normal practice. Previously, the girl was Vasilievna, now she is Irinovna.

A resident of Yekaterinburg changed her patronymic to her mother

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The citizen noted that she was not the first to have a “match”. When the girl found out that there was such a practice, she also decided to use it, therefore, “Irinovna” is written in the column where the middle name is usually indicated in the passport. A resident of Yekaterinburg also finds it unfair that it is the father who most often appears in all documents. Children receive from him not only a patronymic, but also a surname. The role of the mother in the child's life is almost never documented, with the exception of the birth certificate. In the overwhelming majority, it is the woman who is engaged in upbringing, bearing children, feeding them.

In the registry office, when trying to change the patronymic, the girl did not have problems, RIA Novosti writes. She was asked to write the desired option in the appropriate box, not interested in motives.

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