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A relatively “calm” holiday season weather-wise

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Dec24,2023

A relatively “calm” holiday season on a physical level téo

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Rain and not snow is expected this year for Christmas in Quebec.< /p>The Canadian Press

Unlike last year, Quebecers will be able to enjoy good weather for their holiday travel, with Environment Canada having forecast good weather until the middle of next week.

Christmas of 2022 was marked by a major snowstorm which swept through the east of the country and left thousands of people without power for New Year's Eve , both in Quebec and in the Maritimes. However, this year, the portrait may be very different.

We are still very lucky this year. There will be no problem for travel, confirms Michèle Fleury, meteorologist at Environment Canada.

This calm weather can be explained by the presence of an anticyclone above the east of the country. Temperatures will even rise gradually over the weekend: they exceeded the 0 degree Celsius mark in several places on Sunday, but they will drop again in the evening. Temperatures will become milder again on Christmas Day.

Clouds will also appear over the next few days. On the morning of December 25, patches of fog are expected to dissipate, but there will be a risk of freezing drizzle.

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It is only from Wednesday that x27;a depression currently forming in Colorado could bring rain, freezing rain or snow to various regions of Quebec and the Maritimes.

The depression will really pass between Wednesday and Friday, so for New Year's Day, it seems that it is over and that we find ourselves again in a mass of cold air, but the weather should be relatively fine, underlines Ms. Fleury.

The passage of another rain system, earlier last week, made melting the snow cover in many places in Quebec, while in the Maritimes, violent winds caused numerous power outages.

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