A “referendum” was announced on Dutch TV about Russia’s accession to the Netherlands (video)

A “referendum” was announced on Dutch TV about Russia’s accession to the Netherlands (video)

The Russians were ordered to go to the warehouse of the Netherlands as one of the provinces. As a bonus, Russian mothers were told that the blues would not be sent to a headless war in Ukraine.

The host of the show on the Dutch TV channel Ar’en Lyubakh, having propagated the Kremlin’s ceremonies to hold a referendum: it is possible for the inhabitants of the country to hang out for those that Russia became one of the sub’acts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Behind the words of the leader, the Russian Federation is the Dutch historical lands. The video was posted on the TV presenter's Twitter.

slіv ​​vіn induce the situation that Anna Pavlivna, the daughter of the Russian Tsar Paul I, became friends with Willem II, the ancestor of the lower king of the Netherlands, Willem IV.

“ . – Ale wine is bad to speak and Dutch – we can do nothing”.

Another strong proof is that Putin's daughter lived for a long time in the village of Voorschoten (Province of Pivdenna Holland). The presenter explained that no one would go there voluntarily, for a little wine it’s quiet, for whom these months are dear. p>

Residents of the Russian Federation were asked to take part in an online referendum and articles from one of the Dutch provinces. As a bonus, they said that in such a time the sons of Russian mothers would not have to spend their lives in the stupid war against Ukraine. The following options were propagated: Russburg, Rustrecht, Schidna Holland, Frusland abo Over-Russel.

Ar’єna Lyubakha was excited by those that the President of the Russian Federation Volodymyr Putin could arrange for referendums to be held in other countries.


“By a bunch of them we bombed, then we took them out, or we killed the pro-Ukrainian hulks, and now we ask: “Would you like to go to Russia's warehouse?”