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Recipe for pancakes with different types of fillings by Lisa Glinska


This time, chef Lisa Glinska shared an unusual and original recipe. She prepared hearty and sweet pancakes with a triple filling.

This time we leave you a recipe for an appetizing breakfast that everyone in the family will definitely like.

Pancakes with triple filling I will leave several types of fillings for you, choose your combination, – wrote Glinska.


Dough for pancakes:

  • 150 g of eggs (3 pcs.)
  • < li>30 g of sugar (6 tsp. without bitter)

  • salt
  • 500 ml of milk (2.5 glasses, volume 200 ml)
  • 30 ml of vegetable oil (2 tablespoons)
  • 200 g of flour (10 tablespoons without a bitter)

Cherry filling:

  • 300 g of cherries ( without seeds)
  • 40 g of sugar (2 tablespoons without bitter)
  • 20 g of corn starch (1 tablespoon without bitter)

Cheese filling:

  • 300 g of sour milk cheese (5-9% fat)
  • 40 g of sugar (2 tbsp. l. without bitter)
  • 60 g of sour cream (10-20% fat) (3 tbsp.)

Poppy filling:

  • 350 ​​g poppy filling

Apple filling:

  • 300 g of apples
  • 20 g of sugar
  • 5 g of butter

See the cooking method on Lisa Glinska's page:

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