A real estate agent receives a heavy fine for having… drunk milk at a client’s house

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JUSTICE The professional explained that he was “unusually dehydrated” that day

A real-estate agent was fined heavy fine for…drinking milk at a customer

The man drank straight from the neck before putting the bottle back in the fridge. (Illustration) — Pixabay

A real estate agent was condemned at the end of July by the Canadian justice at grave; a fine of $15,000. His fault: having drunk a sip of milk in the house of a client he was in charge of. to sell, reports the Washington Post relayed; by West France.

The facts took place on July 16, in a house for sale in; Kamloops. Arrived 30 minutes before the potential buyers he was supposed to show around, the real estate agent walked over to the property. towards the fridge, pulled out a bottle of milk and took a big sip straight from the neck before putting the container back in the fridge as if nothing had happened.

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“Exceptionally dehydrated”

The man thought he had been discreet. This was without counting the surveillance cameras that the owner had left in the house. Seeing the images, the complainant recounts having been “Completely speechless, shocked and scared.” She wore complaint against the real estate agent, considering that his gesture represented an “invasion of privacy and of [his] home”.

Sueded by justice, the professional acknowledged an “unfortunate” and “unusual”, explaining that he was “unusually dehydrated” that day to due to a new drug treatment. He got it. $15,000 fine and $1,900 court costs. Professional to the end, the real estate agent nevertheless managed to sell the house in question.