A Quebec company will contribute to a huge American wind project

A Quebec company will contribute to a huge American wind project

The Trois-Rivières-based wind mill machining and masts company Marmen will participate in the development of a huge marine wind farm that could ultimately supply more than 1 million households in the States. -United.

The company, which also has its homes in Matane and South Dakota, has teamed up with Welcon, a Danish firm, to produce wind turbines that will be installed at sea.

The project, led by Norwegian energy giant Equinor, was selected by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo in the summer of 2019. More recently, the Research and Development Authority of New York State Energy has approved the construction of a marine wind turbine tower plant to be located in the port of Albany, said Marmen, who will participate in the work.

The port should begin to be developed in 2021, while the wind turbine towers will be produced from 2023, said the company from Trois-Rivières.

“Marmen is very happy to be able to play an active role in this mega“ offshore ”wind project. We applaud the commitment of the Cuomo government and New York State to address the challenges of climate change through concrete actions and a long-term clean energy plan, ”enthuses President de Marmen, Patrick Pellerin. , by press release

In view of Equinor’s “Empire Wind” project, the Norwegian company has been awarded the right to locate its wind farm in an area of ​​approximately 32,000 hectares located off Long Island. The blades will be at a distance of between 25 and 50 km from New York.

The project approved last July provided for the development of a wind farm capable of generating 816 MW using 60 to 80 wind turbines, which is enough to supply around 500,000 households. However, the available surface would make it possible to install enough wind turbines to generate around 2000 MW, or enough to supply more than one million homes, explains Equinor on a web page dedicated to the “Empire Wind” project.

New York State aims for at least 50% of its energy to come from renewable sources by 2030

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